Michael Rooker Talks A Little Bit About Guardians Of The Galaxy And Director James Gunn

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rookerMichael Rooker is all but officially confirmed for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by his friend James Gunn. The announcement didn’t come as a surprise to many people. The two men Tweeted about meeting in England to talk several days before the news broke. Plus, Gunn likes to use people he’s worked with before in different roles. Both men have remained tight lipped about Rooker‘s casting since the news first hit, but the actor did talk about it a little this weekend at Fan Expo Vancouver.

Rooker wouldn’t directly comment about the possibility of him playing Yondu in Marvel‘s first galactic outing, but he did drop his comic book knowledge on those in attendance when asked about it:

Guardians of the Galaxy is a comic book series based on superhero-type guys that help protect humankind and all kinds of life that live out in the galaxies, and they kill bad guys and shit like that, next question. I’m not at liberty to say anything other than that. [He said, followed by a sinister laugh]

That pretty much sums up the Guardians perfectly if you ask me. While that’s all he said about the movie, he did touch on Gunn as a director and what he thinks makes him so great:

James Gunn is the most prepared director that I’ve ever known. He’s a good friend now. We’ve been friends ever since Slither, and he’s a joy to work with. He’s an excellent writer, a very well-prepared director. He comes in and talks with you. It helps a lot to have a director who knows what the hell he wants out of a scene as opposed to someone who’s over there in the corner going like ‘I’m not sure how to shoot it.’ Gunn’s not like that at all.

When asked about his new mohawk, Rooker said he couldn’t say what it was for, whether it be an upcoming role or something else. He did say that when people see him, they think he’s a rock star and come up to him telling him they love his music. Rooker is a pretty straight shooter. He’s never fibbed about any of his roles, but he will dance around the question and give you a funny answer. You may remember a few months back we talked with Rooker and asked about those Guardians of the Galaxy rumors regarding him being Rocket Raccoon’s voice. You can read what he said about that and what he knew about the film by clicking here. What do you think about Rooker joining the Guardians? Do you hope it’s a large role, or should he just pop in for a little while?


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