Michael Rooker On GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And His Comic Book Knowledge


yondu bannerWe’ve heard from a few members of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast the past few weeks, but its been awhile since we heard from Michael Rooker. The actor is notoriously tight-lipped about his projects, but he does drop a hint or two in interviews at least. Rooker recently spoke with Total Film about playing the blue skinned Yondu for his buddy James Gunn‘s big Marvel film. After talking about the make-up process for Yondu and how he feels about working with Gunn again, Rooker danced around a question about whether or not his character has any special abilities. Rooker said of his character “There’s hope in this character, but the stuff going on… I can’t talk about it but… it’s challenging.” While he kept his mouth firmly shut when it comes to details, he did tease some things about how he carries himself:

I don’t think I’m at liberty to discuss any powers of any sort… Y’know, most of the roles I play, just by it being who I am – normally they’re somewhat formidable individuals. That’s just sort of my look and my build. So we utilise that in almost everything I’ve done, and it’s the same in Guardians.

Rooker went on to say the entire cast has been awesome and he’s definitely game for coming back in subsequent movies if the first one proves to be successful as we all think it will be. With comic book movies it’s always a bonus to have actors that read and appreciate the source. We can all rattle off a list of actors and actresses who are flippant about these types of movies, but Rooker says he’s a big fan when it comes to comics:

I knew of the Guardians but it’s a lesser known one. It started back when I was a teenager. They have the newer and newer versions. I actually started getting more into graphic novels and comics a little bit later in life. It was before The Walking Dead, but during The Walking Dead I ended up reading all The Walking Dead – all the way up to the current issues.
I didn’t read all of the Guardians but I read a lot. Some of the old ones are hard to come by. They’re quite collectable. I go to these Comic Cons but I don’t get a chance to shop.

Michael Rooker always comes across as a sincere guy, but it’s a bonus to hear he’s a fan of the Guardians and comic books in general. His character is the only major player we’ve seen in set pictures (which was nice since there weren’t really any set pictures from filming at all), but it looks like Gunn and company stayed true to the character while giving it a little Rooker twist. What do you think about the actor’s comments?

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Source : Total Film