Michael Bay Says There Will Be A Time Shift Between Transformers 3 And 4


Transformers 4 is still a few years out, but it seems like we’ve been getting a lot of news about it this week. We learned that the internet rumors were true, and were probably the reason that Mark Wahlberg will be taking one of the lead roles in the sort-of-reboot. Now we know that there will be a time shift between Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers 4.

Taking part in a TMZ live show, Michael Bay answered all manner of questions. He did let one interesting bit slip out about the fourth film in the franchise:

The movie is going to continue 4 years on from the attack on Chicago which was in the last movie. So it’s going still to have the same lineage but going in a full, new, different direction and it actually feels really natural how it is going in that direction.

So it seems that the attack on Chicago will play a big role in the next film. Will we be seeing a world rebuilding after the Autobot/Decepticon showdown? Will the world distrust the Autobots? Will Mark Wahlberg’s character help restore humanities faith in our favorite robots? Time will tell.

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Source : Bleeding Cool