Members Ranks & Titles


Here are details of our Ranking system in our Comments section and Community Areas, which awards titles to our top members.

Criteria for Ranking

Here is how you can earn points

Community Activity

30 Points – Profile Update

30 Points – Sending a Gift

15 Points – Leaving a reply to a Profile Update

20 Points – Creating a group

5 Points – Uploading a group avatar

15 Points – Group Comment or Reply to Group Update

50 Points – Completed Friend Request

25 Points – Joining a group

5 Points – Profile Avatar Uploaded

5 Points – Message Sent (Per Message)

-25 Points – Leaving a group

-25 Points – Leaving a group

-5 Points – Removed per comment deletion

-50 Points – Canceled Friendship

Website Activity

20 Points – Post Comment on article

50 Points – Visit Website (awarded by hourly cap)

20 Points – Blog Post (Applicable only if you are a contributor)


50 Points – Becoming a Registered Member


  • Members ranked with 5000+ points: Godly
  • Members ranked with 4000+ points: Demi-God
  • Members ranked with 3000+ points: Legend
  • Members ranked with 2000+ points: The Chosen One
  • Members ranked with 1000+ points: Invincible

Users ranked within those points will  have the opportunity to win comic books, DVDs, video games, and much more every month. We feel that this is a fun way to reward all of you for being part of the Comic Book Therapy Community. Thank you for helping us build a vibrant and active place to meet and exchange thoughts.