Megan Abbott On Untold Tales Of The Punisher MAX #3


Jason Aaron recently wrapped up his final issue of the PunisherMAX series with a bang. The one man war started by Vietnam War vet Frank Castle ended with a victory of sorts. Frank won the battle, but he lost his life. The end of Castle’s life wasn’t the end of the story. Since the finale, there have been Untold Tales of Punisher Max, and this August’s issue will mark the comics debut of crime novelist Megan Abbott.

In an in-depth interview with CBR, Abbott talked about her love of comics and the road she took that led to her work on The Punisher. As a fan of noir, Untold Tales seems to be the perfect fit for Abbott. She talks about the appeal of the Punisher:

I think that was always the appeal to the tough guy crime fiction character for me too. I think in part it’s this deeply American thing. It seems to go back to the western outlaw. It feels like somebody who’s damaged and at one point things could have gone differently, but fate intervenes. That’s something we always see in noir. Then that damage leads them into all kinds of places. So he’s such a rich character with seemingly endless possibilities. He’s been taken into all kinds of eras and interacted with all kinds of characters. There’s something in him that’s eternal. He’s not tied to time or place.


This issue will see Frank Castle heading to the seemingly tranquil location of the suburbs. Abbott wanted to take Frank to a world where he could never truly belong. It starts out with the veneer of brightness and sunshine, but quickly goes into a darker place.

I was inspired a lot by the protagonists in Jim Thompson’s crime novels. They’re often complicated, disturbed men, hiding in plain sight. The story is about a man with a secret that haunts him. There’s almost this biblical aspect to the story where a person has committed a crime, a sing, and eventually it’s going to be revisited upon them. In classic noir fashion, the past is never in the past. There’s always that rear view mirror and the bad things you did are always going to return. You just never know when, and in this case they return in the form of the Punisher.


The story will be seen from the perspective of Castle’s prey. Frank’s emergence towards the end of the story starts the shift to darkness as you can imagine. “The first part has an almost dream like quality to it, but you know something bad is going to happen. I tried to create a old-school Grimm’s Fairy Tale feel to the whole story.”

I think Abbott will be a good fit for this particular story. You can read the full interview which delves deeper into Abbott’s body of work and comic interests by clicking here. Have you been reading PunisherMAX and its Untold Stories? What do you think of the next installment?


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