Max Landis’ WONDER WOMAN Pitch That Will Never Be


wonder womanA month ago writer and now director Max Landis did a Reddit AMA where he answered fans’ questions about everything from Chronicle, the failed sequel, comic books, and philosophy. One interesting little tidbit Landis mentioned offhandedly is that he had a pitch for a Wonder Woman film. He said is was really just something he thought up since he’s such a big fan, but several sites started blowing it up and saying Landis may be in talks for Warner Bros. eventual film about the Amazonian warrior. While all he said was that he HAD a pitch, today we learn a little bit about what it actually entailed.

landisLandis was the feature of a gigantic piece on BuzzFeed (the site took time out from writing articles about 10 cats that look like Benedict Cumberbatch) about his life and career. He talks a little about Chronicle and what he had previously said about the abandoned sequel, but Landis also reveals a few details about his Wonder Woman pitch. BuzzFeed and Landis combined for this cobbled together outline:

He envisions the character as a 25-year-old girl — “not gorgeous, but interesting” — who washes up on a beach in Miami, with no memory of how she got there.

“It turns out Diana is the scout for an Amazonian invasion of the real world,” Landis says, unfurling his hypothetical pitch. “It becomes, now that she doesn’t remember what it was like to be an Amazon, a question of identity, I see her as sort of the anti-50 Shades of Grey; it’s all about a strong female character making her own decisions.”

Landis is a huge comic book fan, as his numerous YouTube videos protest, so it’s interesting to see how he would start tackling a Wonder Woman film. The little paragraph and a half doesn’t reveal much detail, but it’s a nice starting point. Landis likes to post his ideas in long form or Twitter and Facebook, so now that it’s out in the open he may add a little more to it. Warner Bros. have no intention of hearing pitches for the character right now, but it’s nice to know that writers, directors, and producers in Hollywood are fans and are eager to pitch their ideas. Hopefully after Batman vs. Superman DC will finally get around to bringing Princess Diana to the big screen. What do you think of Landis‘ rough sketch?

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Source : BuzzFeed