Is Max Landis Getting Ready To Direct A Comic Book Movie?


max landisMax Landis is a writer, director, and internet icon. He’s the man behind Chronicle and the star-studded Death and Return of Superman internet video. He’s also finishing up a movie he wrote and directed called Me, Him, Her. While that film will be his feature film directorial debut, it sounds like he may have another project lined up already. He’s made a huge splash writing superhero stories and filming videos for the web, but he might just be making the jump from fan-films to big budget superhero movies.

Landis announced on Twitter that he was going to do a Reddit AMA and would try to answer every question that came his way. Landis is pretty awesome, so I pay attention to anything and everything he says on Twitter. Clicking over and reading through his AMA there were two questions and answers that really jumped out. Of course he talked about Chronicle, comic books, and the like but the writer also teased something that should get fans pretty excited. Whether these two questions are related or not remains to be seen. Even if they aren’t, Landis seems to be hinting that we could hear about a superhero film he may be directing before long.
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Could it be a big budget superhero film for Marvel Studios, Fox, of WB? Could it even be something like The Death and Return of Superman on a much larger scale? We don’t know right now, but color me excited. Landis said he would return to his AMA a little later today to answer some more questions. If he adds anything to the above statements we’ll be sure to let you know. While we still have Me, Him, Her to look forward to, hopefully we’re hear another tease or two about what his next directorial effort may be. What do you think about Landis possibly directing a superhero movie? Do you think this will be an original idea or do you hope he’s tackling an already established character? And below is The Death and Return of Superman just to give you an excuse to watch it again.


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Source : Reddit