Matt Smith On The New Season Of Doctor Who


If you’re a fan of Doctor Who 1.) You have good taste B.) we have a TARDIS load of info from Matt Smith on the new season. Word broke earlier today that a new trailer for the new season is on its way this week as well. More to the point, Doctor Who had another historical achievement recently by being the first British show featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Matt Smith talked with EW while filming one of the new episodes.

We learned recently that the first episode would be entitled Asylum of the Daleks. It will feature at least one of every Dalek throughout the show’s 49 year history. Matt Smith talked about seeing all the Daleks and which was his favorite:

I got to meet my favourite Daleks, which are actually from [Patrick] Troughton’s era, I think. They’re the sort of pale blue and whitey ones. They’re a bit smaller actually. I think they’re groovy! I mean, we’ve got every Dalek that exists in the world [in the episode].

When asked if the frightening Daleks were really “groovy” he clarified “Oh yeah, I mean they are frightening. But you can’t help but go, ‘God, there’s 20 Daleks in a room moving around me!’ It’s exciting!

This season will be unique since the 2005 restart due to the fact there will be no two-part stories. When asked about head writer and showrunner Stephen Moffat’s new action movie approach, Smith said it feels like a film-of-the-week:

Yeah, it’s kind of a big film-of-the-week. We’ve got dinosaurs on a spaceship. We’ve got a Western episode. We’ve got New York and Weeping Angels. And I think that’s quite exciting. It’s like going to the box office every week. We hope. I think the last days of the Ponds are really strong, I’m really thrilled with those. And I think going into the new season with the new companion is very exciting. Again, Steven is on fine form and he’s playing with time and space in his cool, timey-wimey way.

Part of that action adventure angle will come from the western episode. Doctor Who hasn’t tackled a proper western theme since the 60’s.

We went out and shot in Almeria in Spain, where they shot The Good The Bad and the Ugly, a Fistful of Dollars. All the Sergio Leone stuff. Indiana Jones. All these great movies. You know, we’ve done Utah, we’ve done a great big Western, we’ve done New York. I think it’s very exciting to see just where else it can go.

Doctor Who is in for another change with the departure of the Ponds. When asked if we could see James Corden popping up again in the post-Ponds era Smith said that he would love to see him, but Corden is just too busy. We do know that the new multi-story companion will be Jenna-Louise Coleman. Smith talked about how she was doing so far:

She’s doing really well. She’s thoroughly prepared, has a lovely nature about her, and I think she really gets Steven’s writing. This show is about change and it’s about regeneration and the only thing you can do is move with it. So we embrace and welcome Jenna and she’s doing really well.

Finally, with the 50th Anniversary approaching many have wondered if Moffat and Smith will bow out after the festivities. Smith touched on his future with the show:

We’ve got the 50th anniversary stuff next year. I take it year by year. Because it’s such a commitment on your life. I don’t think you could do it for 7 years, like Tom Baker did. It would age you too savagely. The great thing about the Doctor is that there’s no stop sign. He can keep going and keep evolving and he can surprise you and the moment he stops surprising you is probably the moment that you should hand it over. But he still surprises me, so I’m still hanging in there.

What do you think Whovians? Are you excited about the new season and the introduction of the new companion? What are you hoping to see?

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