Matt Smith On Neil Gaiman, Christmas, And Season 7 Part 2


It won’t be very long until The Doctor comes back to our television screens. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new episode of Doctor Who. This Christmas will see a new companion coming aboard the TARDIS and Richard E. Grant showing up on Doctor Who proper as this year’s villain. You may remember Grant played one of the incarnations of The Doctor in the classic Comic Relief sketch, The Curse of Fatal Death. Collider got a chance to talk to 11th Doctor Matt Smith at this year’s London Comic-Con. Smith teased Neil Gaiman’s new episode. Fans went wild over The Doctor’s Wife, so a Gaiman return seemed inevitable.

Well I heard a long time ago that Neil was coming back to write one. Again, and I’m not trying to be overly cryptic with you, it’s just that if I say the wrong thing—they’re all writing things down, I get ripped out the back. But Neil is coming back and I think he’s going to do something brilliantly reinventive, shall we say.

While we wait to see what Gaiman will be “reinventing,” we get to meet our new companion on December 25th. Smith talks about her debut (if you don’t count her being turned into a Dalek in Asylum of the Daleks) and lets out a slight spoiler about some returning friends.

We meet the new companion. And we’ve got Vastra, Jenny and Strax are making a return appearance which is terribly exciting. And it does the sort of wonderful Doctor Who-ey Christmas things, you know, snow, aliens, good will, good cheer, someone trying to take over the world. Hopefully it makes for good Christmas day telly.

There were many teases about what’s coming up in the second part of season 7, but this one was especially teaser-y. What exactly does Smith mean by that last part?

Yeah, at which point I go, “You’ve got to give me this earlier guys. Come on guys, give me a chance.” Then they go, “Sorry!” And you get on with it, and you remember you’re making Doctor Who and it’s all sort of okay, because whatever you make is generally pretty fun. I can’t really say, but I had to go into something the other day, which was a lot of fun, be put in something. I can’t really say any more than that, but it was just great fun, and you’ll know what I mean when you see what it is. Let’s just say that it changes my… appearance somewhat.

To read the full interview where Smith talks about Sherlock, fandom, and further teases season 7 part 2 click here. So we’ve said our goodbyes and are all cried out about the Ponds departure, but now we get to say hello to a new companion and a new chapter of Doctor Who. Things are going to be at a fever pitch as we approach the 50th Anniversary in 2013. The only thing we know as of now is that Mark Gatiss is doing a Doctor Who documentary of sorts about the William Hartnell years called The Genesis of Doctor Who. Of course we have the rest of season 7 to look forward to, but what are you expecting for the big 5-0?

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Source : Collider