MARVEL’s Top 10 Heroes of 2010


Marvel recently released their Top Ten Heroes of 201o. Although I agree with some of the characters they listed, some I really dont.

Lets get started:


2010 Opponents: Norman Osborn, The Ghost, the Hammer Girls

Year in Review: Poor Tony Stark spent the first part of the year brain dead after sacrificing his magnificent mind to keep its secrets out of Norman Osborn’s hands, but Iron Man would rally to play a key role in Siege as well as bringing the Avengers back together. Closer to home, Shellhead formed a new company—Stark Resilient—and exposed would-be armored “hero” Detroit Steel for the Hammer-backed fraud he turned out to be.

Digital Comics Spotlight: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #25

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2010 Opponents: The Hood, the Dark Avengers, Lionfang

Year in Review: Having led the Avengers through tough times in the absence of the “big guns,” Luke Cage got to enjoy some well-deserved blowing off of steam once Steve Rogers and company came back on the scene, kicking ass and taking names during Siege and then finally putting the kibosh on that pesky Hood. Now the former Power Man directs the New Avengers against the hidden threats the main team might miss, and also attempts to reform villains in the Thunderbolts. Sweet Christmas!

Digital Comics Spotlight: NEW AVENGERS: LUKE CAGE #1

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2010 Opponents: Doctor Doom, the Dark Avengers, Ragnarok

Year in Review: The greatest champions rise in the most trying of times, an axiom Thor proved true this year. When Norman Osborn and his army invaded Asgard in an attempt to bring down the Golden Realm, the Thunderer stood alone against overwhelming odds, buying his homeland time until his Avengers allies could arrive. He fended off his mad clone, Ragnarok, and even played peacemaker between his friends Tony Stark and Steve Rogers for the good of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Digital Comics Spotlight: THOR #607

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2010 Opponents: The Intelligencia, Hiro-Kala

Year in Review: The Intelligencia, in their near-infinite wisdom, seemed to account for everything in their complex plan to bring about the fall of the Hulks, but could not predict the heroism at the heart of Bruce Banner. Despite seeming to have shed his longtime curse once and for all, Banner stepped back into the breach, becoming The Hulk once again in order to bring down his enemies and defeat his crimson counterpart. Not long after, the Green Goliath led a charge against his own son, the deranged Hiro-Kala, and regretfully allowed his kin to be imprisoned in order to save Earth from his wrath—hard choices for a true hero.

Digital Comics Spotlight: INCREDIBLE HULK #608

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2010 Opponents: Doctor Doom

Year in Review: T’Challa found himself in the unenviable position of being the first monarch of Wakanda to let the nation be conquered under his watch when Doctor Doom took over the African kingdom and pilfered its valuable Vibranium. The only mistake Doom: underestimating his foe’s willingness to sacrifice anything for victory and the greater good, including giving up the love of his people to stop a villain by rendering that Vibranium inert. Now the Panther labors on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, unafraid to work at regaining the status he gave up and always looking out for the cause of justice.

Digital Comics Spotlight: DOOMWAR #1

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2010 Opponents: Electro, The Sandman, Mysterio, The Vulture, The Lizard, the Kraven Family, Doctor Octopus, Mister Negative

Year in Review: This could probably be said just about every year, but in 2010, nobody had a tougher time of it than Spider-Man. The Webslinger endured a grueling gauntlet arranged by the Kraven family that saw him face his oldest foes up one after the other, from a juiced up Electro to a more savage than ever Lizard to finally a resurrected Kraven himself. Spidey somehow survived the onslaught, and despite taking his lumps, ultimately saved himself and New York City. He would cap it all off by rescuing his best friend Harry Osborn’s child from the clutches of Doctor Octopus, proving all’s well that ends well—though it never ends for Spider-Man.

Digital Comics Spotlight: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #625

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2010 Opponents: Bastion, Xarus

Year in Review: Another year of leading the X-Men meant another year of crushing responsibilities and impossible choices for Cyclops, but as always, Scott Summers bore his burden and safeguarded his people. When Bastion laid waste to Utopia, Cyclops remained calm in the face of madness, tuning out the screams of those around him and guiding the forces following to him to a victory even Steve Rogers commended. Later, when Xarus and his vampire hordes attempted a similar invasion, the X-Men’s general organizing a clever battle plan with his very own “Trojan Horse” and repelled more would-be conquerors of mutantkind.

Digital Comics Spotlight: X-MEN: SECOND COMING #1

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2010 Opponents: Bishop, Bastion

Year in Review: Telling a young girl she’s the “mutant messiah” and placing the destiny of an entire race on her shoulders already means you’re asking a lot, but to then place said young lady up against a killer robot from the future set on destroying her and anybody like her seriously seems like you’re pushing it. Yet when Hope Summers found herself in this situation, she rose to the occasion and saved the X-Men as well as all of Utopia from Bastion and his Sentinels. Hope honored the sacrifices of Nightcrawler as well as her “father,” Cable, and continues to do the best she can as she seeks out and leads a new generation of mutants. Not bad for a kid who can’t even drive yet (not that she’d want to—she flies a jet).

Digital Comics Spotlight: CABLE #24

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2010 Opponents: Typhon, The Chaos King

Year in Review: In the past, Hercules has been accused of being cocky, brusque and even foolhardy—and he remains all those things, but this year he also saved all of reality more than once! The Prince of Power led an assemblage of Avengers against his mother, Hera, and the mad Typhon, sacrificing his life to prevent them from overwriting existence. When Amadeus Cho resurrected his buddy later on with nigh-omnipotent power, the Lion of Olympus immediately took the offensive against the nihilistic Chaos King, stepping up when the villain eliminated nearly all of Earth’s heroes. He may like to party and flirt, but our boy Herc’s also a fierce warrior and natural leader who has earned the right to be called the God of Heroes.

Digital Comics Spotlight: INCREDIBLE HERCULES #140

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2010 Opponents: The Red Skull, Norman Osborn, Machinesmith

Year in Review: Most would contend the truly dark days for the Marvel Universe began with the “death” of Steve Rogers, thus it’s only fitting that it took the return of the original Captain America to bring them to an end. Battling back after being stranded in the timestream, Rogers defeated his archenemy the Red Skull yet again, then barely rested and rediscovered the world he left behind before heeding the call, picking up his shield, and heading off to Asgard to bring down Norman Osborn. Under the erstwhile Super-Soldier, the Avengers managed to take out their dark counterparts and re-establish themselves as the world’s premiere fighting force for good. The world without Steve Rogers versus the world with him seems like night and day.


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Can somebody tell me why they didn’t have WOLVERINE in the Top 10? Are you kidding me?!  He is one of the best characters out there! He should replace Hercules in this list.

Lets talk about DEADPOOL. He has like 20 titles out. Everybody loves him, some hate him. He is a money machine, maybe they are saving him for when the movie comes out? regardless he should been in this list and replace Cyclops.

DAREDEVIL. Yes he went a little crazy with the whole Shadowland story arc, but at the end he came back. he was a total bad-ass even as a villain, and put  Bullseye out of his misery for obvious reasons.  He could have taken Black Panther’s spot in this list. (Yeah Panther took his spot as the man without fear tee hee!)

And the number one hero of this Top Ten should have been:

I rest my case.

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