Marvel’s Second Movie For 2014 Revealed?


I’d file this one under rumor for now, but the good folks at Latino Review who broke the Black Panther story not too long ago think they know what the 2014 movie is. That would mean Black Panther looks to be a 2015 film since they originally reported it was the 2014 movie, but the movie coming out the same year as Captain America 2 according to them is Guardians of the Galaxy. Now the Black Panther writer had different sources, so one or the other could be true, or they both missed the mark. Like I said, file this under rumor for the moment.

As you all know, the main Marvel comics universe is the 616. The Guardians are a team from the future Universe the 691. Another evil alien race, called the Badoom, is wreaking havoc trying to take over the 691. The Badom create Korvac. You may know Korvac from the comics, if not it’s OK. Start reading up on it, you have until 2014.

LR says that at some point the Guardians do some “get time-hoppy and jet back to the 20th century” to meet with The Avengers and fight some aliens. They also have some very juicy info if this turns out to be legit:

- It will be announced as Marvel’s second 2014 movie at Comic Con
- Thanos is in it.
- It will “lead up to” The Avengers 2 in 2015.


The end credits for The Avengers was really a teaser for Avengers 2 AND Guardians. They are also saying if you want an idea of what it would be like, you should pick up The Thanos Imperative. Also, expect Nova.

The introduction of the Guardians has been speculated for a while now, but if this turns out to be true it is very exciting stuff. Marvel had mentioned they would like to go to space, and the Guardians would make perfect sense. It’s not that long until Comic-Con so we should know more soon.


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Source : Lation Review