Marvel’s Next Big Event? “Do You Fear..?”


Marvel have released a new campaign featuring a series of teaser images promoting a new story and event in the Marvel universe under the tag line “Do You Fear…..”At present it isn’t clear whether this an event that will take place in Marvel’s main universe or the Ultimate universe, but it is likely to hit the shelves first in April.  Each teaser image features a Marvel hero with the caption “Do You Fear…”.

Spiderman “Do You Fear… Tomorrow?”

The image of Spider-man with tag “Do You Fear…Tomorrow?” shows our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man facing a number of current social issues including war, the recession, threats to the country and  unemployment.

Cyclops “Do You Fear… What You’ve Become”

The second image in the series features the X-Men’s leader Cyclops with the question “Do You Fear… What You’ve Become”, showing Cyclops wearing Magneto’s costume, suggesting that perhaps his new leadership post-House of M maybe turning him into the villain he has fought so hard to stop over the years.

Captain America “Do You Fear… A Loss Of Faith”

The next image in the series of Marvel Fear teaser images is that of Captain America with the words “Do You Fear… A Loss of Faith” with the image of Captain America that appears to be Steve Rogers holding his shattered shield and sporting a number of wounds.

Incredible Hulk “Do You Fear… Losing Control”

The latest update in the Marvel “Do You Fear…” campaign is that of the Incredible Hulk having apparently killed Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor and Captain America with the tag line  ”Do You Fear… Losing Control”.  The Hulk losing control is one of the main themes throughout the Hulk story line over the years, with Bruce Banner constantly losing control to the monster within, HULK SMASH.

Thor and Odin “Do You Fear… Family Secrects”

This one has Thor with Odin holding a spear to his eye. Is the recently returned All-Father looking to kill his son? Or maybe blind him, just as Odin has the one eye? Family secrets is vague, but when it comes to the Asgardian royal family I can just imagine that they have countless giant untold secrets that have been buried over the millennia.

Along with these pictures, Marvel as also released within the Comic Books some more adsteasers. Check them out, Any idea what they mean?:

*Thanks to Josh Wilding for these 2 images!

Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso spoke to  Comic Book Resources in a recent interview, and they had some interesting stuff to say about the upcoming event and when details will be released:

“You know, we went into the Heroic Age, and we took a year or so off from doing big, interconnected event series, because we sensed a certain fatigue was setting in, both on the part of the readers and our creators. And fans seemed to like that for the most part. But now we’re all well-rested and it’s time to get back to business again.”

“So the thing we’re going to be talking about a week from now is massive. It’s incredibly huge, incredibly far-reaching. It’s a big ol’ bombshell to drop, and there’s not much more I can say about it ahead of time. But yes, this will not be a small thing. This will be a grand, sweeping, epic Marvel event the likes of which you haven’t seen in a few years. It’s definitely larger in scope than “Siege,” more on the scale of “Secret Invasion,” and as ambitious in its way as “Civil War.”

“To that end, we’re having a press conference on Tuesday at Noon Eastern at a location we can’t reveal quite yet. But if you can’t make it, we’re streaming the whole thing live on Marvel.Com.”

Are you excited for what this can be? Can Marvel return to the “Big” Events after a somewhat year of constant let downs for some of the fans? Can this be the end of “The Heroic Age”?

Be sure to share your thoughts on this in the usual place!

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