More On MARVEL’s Netflix Deal And How Those Characters Could Still Get Their Own Movies

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marvelMarvel clearly won Thursday as far as news goes. Early Thursday the company announced a partnership with Netflix for shows based on Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. While all four characters getting their own series is exciting enough, it was also revealed that there would be a series uniting all four heroes under the banner of The Defenders. This all kicks off in 2015, so we still have a long road ahead of hearing about who is snatched up to write and star in the series. Disney CEO Bob Iger took part in an earnings conference call late Thursday evening where he updated investors on the state of the union at the House of Mouse. One of the updates gave a few more details about Disney‘s deal with Netflix.

With Marvel‘s unprecedented success in cartoons, live-action movies, and TV shows, they have networks and other digital platforms chomping at the bit to get in on the superhero game. Netflix was a bold choice, but Iger said it was the right one. He mentions part of it was the fact it was the right platform compared to network TV, saying “When we looked forward, we saw there were only so many Marvel shows we could fit on those platforms. It’s a great opportunity to create more brand value and character value. It happens to be great for Netflix. They’re looking to make more original programming

Some fans were concerned that the fact these four heroes would be getting their own series on Netflix may mean that would keep them from getting their own film. Iger says that’s not the case. It’s all just going to come down to how popular the series are:

Marvel has thousands of characters. It is not possible to mine them all with filmed entertainment. While these characters are attractive characters they are not among the most popular… it’s not likely we would have made feature films about them… though if they are popular on Netflix, it’s quite possible that they could become feature films.

The conference call was all about business of course, and Iger expanded on the call in an interview with Bloomberg TV about the business decision to partner with Netfilx. You can watch the full video by clicking here (the embed was acting a little wonky). He once again confirms a new TV project with ABC, which we reported on late yesterday as well.

So Daredevil and the Heroes For Hire could still be knocking about in New York on the big screen one day. The Netflix series will serve as a good testing ground for the characters. If the casting is good and the writing is solid, it would serve as a fantastic launching pad for a movie outing. It’s all a wait and see game for now but the possibilities sure are exciting. What do you think?


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