Marvel’s Item 47 Actors Talk Reading For Superhero Roles And More


Marvel’s new DVD short film is Item 47, which will be attached to The Avenger’s release. Jesse Bradford and Lizzy Caplan spoke with about their roles and their run-ins with superheroes in their past.

Item 47 is a Bonnie and Clyde type story where two people find one of the left over weapons from the epic Avengers battle. It is directed by Marvel co-president Louid D’Esposito. Benny (Bradford) and Claire (Caplan) find a Chitauri weapon which they use to rob banks. The two actors spoke on reading for superhero parts before. Caplan had read for some smaller parts, but Bradford’s answer is pretty interesting.

Yes, I’d read for a couple, but just because I think this is funny, I read for Captain America. I was literally looking at the material, going, “What are they, crazy? I’m not right for this.” I got nothing to lose by going in there, but I know I’m not going to get it. And I’m walking in there going, “They should just give this job to Chris Evans – he’s perfect for this!” He’s my buddy, and as I was auditioning, I was picturing Chris Evans saying the words.

The other noteworthy part of the interview as the revelation that the duo may come back for one of the Marvel films. The one-shot may just be that, but there is the possibility they will return. Bradford was the one that asked Marvel what the goal with Item 47 was. Here’s what he was told:

They said exactly what the answer is, which is, “The possible goal is that these guys become a part of the world. The other possible thing is that this is it. We just don’t know yet.” So yeah, it’s up in the air.

Here’s a clip of the short as well. What do you think about Bradford coming close to playing Cap? It’s hard to imagine anybody but Evans wielding the shield. Special shout-out to my friend Waylon Jones  for the heads up.

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