Marvel To 20th Century Fox: Let’s Make A Deal


We had reported earlier how Fox was racing the clock to get their Daredevil movie into production or risk losing the rights to Marvel. It appears now that the clock may be extended if Fox takes Marvel up on the deal they have laid on the table.

Variety’s Showblitz site is reporting that Fox chairman Tom Rothman and Marvel big shots have been kicking around the idea of allowing Fox to work past their October 20th deadline on Daredevil in exchange for some Fantastic Four character rights. Fox is reportedly in talks with director Joe Carnahan to direct the DD reboot that is a “Frank Miller-esque” thriller that doesn’t fit with the “Disney/Marvel family-friendly tone.” Marvel will allow Fox time if they can get the rights to use some characters from the Fantastic Four universe. The two mentioned are Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

Fox owns all the rights to the Fantastic Four, and they are actively working on a movie with Chronicle director Josh Trank. If Marvel can get the rights to Surfer and Galactus, they will most certainly open up the galactic side of their universe. Surfer is even a member of the new Guardians of the Galaxy line-up. Now there is no word on Surfer even being considered for the upcoming Marvel movie, but this move definitely brings up some interesting questions. This would be a big move for Marvel. They would be giving up Daredevil, but gaining some heavy hitters. This is coming from a big DD fan, but Fantastic Four and their characters are bigger players in the Marvel Universe. If this happens, the possibilities are limitless. What do you think of this power play?

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Source : Variety/Showblitz