MARVEL Spoils The Identity Of Who X-23 Is Locking Lips With


coverI’m assuming if you read the title of this article that you’re here because you want to see the spoiler. You can’t be mad at us, it was in the title and all. At the X-Men panel that took place at New York Comic Con a little earlier today, the X-Men editorial team and some of the writers were teasing the cover to All-New X-Men #20. The cover had X-23, who would be joining the team, but the silhouetted gentleman she was locking lips with was a heavily guarded secret according to the panelists. Editor Nick Lowe and Avengers Arena writer Hopeless Dent joked about the cover:

“We’re going to have some big ‘All-New X-Men’ news for you at the end of the panel,” X-Men editor Nick Lowe told the panel audience, “but one character we’ll tell you who is joining the book is X-23.”

“Nick doesn’t mind spoiling ‘Avengers Arena’ with that cover,” joked Dennis Hopeless.

They kept dodging who the silhouetted figure would be, but apparently Marvel.Com didn’t get the memo. Shortly after the panel wrapped the site posted a short interview with Brian Michael Bendis. It was there that the uncensored cover was posted. So there you go. The identity of X-23‘s possible love interest has been revealed. Then again, Marvel is notorious for doing sensational covers like this that don’t have anything to do with the story. What do you think? Will X-23, clone/daughter of Wolverine, actually hook up with young Cyclops? How will Wolverine retaliate?


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Source : MARVEL via CBR