Marvel Set For Another War: Is It With Ultron?


Marvel has unveiled two new teaser images for another big event that will take place in October. This event will take place pretty soon after the events of AvX, but it may not be directly related.

The first teaser is of Thor’s hammer. It’s broken yet again. Apparently they don’t make quality hammers like they used to. The second on is of Wolverine popping his claws in a firestorm. Could it be related to The Phoenix force? Who knows. Marvel will declare war during Comic-Con International in Sand Diego during the Amazing Spider-Man panel on July 15. It will be an Avenger-centri storyline more than likely. That kind of spoils some AvX threads, but it was very unlikely The Avengers would be wiped out completely.

Now this is where the speculation begins. I’ve had a very interesting chat with a comic book brain trust called S.O.A.L, and it looks like this points to Ultron. Besides the Age of Ultron being teased in the events of the Free Comic Book Day issue and the fact Brian Hitch has been working on it for a while, it just makes perfect sense. We’ve heard about the Age of Ultron and the Ultron War coming up for some time. It looks like now is the time. If you look at the timeline from Heroic Age Avengers which I used as the banner at the top, it all lines up for the Ultron War. AvX isn’t on the timeline, but just below the Ultron War it says Yesterdays X-Men. That could be AvX and a reactivated X-gene. Cyclops was hoping for the Mutant rebirth, and he may get it. We’ll have to wait until  Comic-Con, but this gives us a lot to think about.

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Source : Marvel