Marvel Rumor Round-Up: Doctor Strange, Hulk Sequel, And A X-Force Nugget


marvel bannerGet out your salt shakers because we’re about to go on a trip across the web to look at a few Marvel movie rumors that have popped up ahead of Comic-Con. We’ll be checking in with Doctor Strange, theorizing on a potential angle for a new Hulk movie, and we get a pretty interesting little news nugget about X-Force. Set your sodium shields to maximum and read on for more!

strangeLatino-Review’s head man Kellvin Chavez has heard word on a casting rumor for the Sorcerer Supreme. The sties has been running installments of a story of an alleged draft of the Doctor  Strange movie, so the source is probably one and the same. If you bought in to their script review, you’ll probably be able to swallow this one as well. According to them, “trusted sources” have told them the rumor is that Marvel Studios is interested in Joseph Gordon Levitt as Dr. Stephen Strange. They go on to hedge their bets by saying at press time there hasn’t been an offer made and Levitt and his people may not even be aware of Marvel‘s interest, but Marvel execs are discussing the rising star for the role. So to sum it up, Levitt may be hanging up his tights as Robin and taking up a different cape for Marvel. Levitt‘s reps have denied the story outright to the Huffington Post.


bruce banner mark ruffaloThe Daily Super Hero, writing for, says he has heard some rumors and theories on how Marvel will tackle the next Hulk movie. Mark Ruffalo stole the show in The Avengers, to Marvel’s surprise really, and a solo film seems like it’s not an “if” but a “when.” Guillermo Del Toro had his Hulk TV show scrapped, so Marvel clearly have big plans for the big green rage monster. According to CBM, the studio is looking at Mark Waid‘s current run on the Indestructible Hulk as an influence. In Waid‘s run the theme is “Hulk destroys. Banner builds.Banner partners up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and offers his inner strongman services to the agency in return for lab space and a team to work on new inventions and ways to benefit society. The idea would fit in with Kevin Feige‘s comments that anything to do with the Hulk would mainly be centered on Ruffalo‘s portrayal of Banner. That storyline gives Banner a big role with the possibility of big action when Hulk is let loose. Call it rumor, call it guesswork or theorizing, but it makes sense.


And finally we have a Tweet from MTV new correspondent Josh Horowitz about X-Force. Horowitz spoke with Ryan Reynolds about R.I.P.D., but before posting anything from that chat he decided to take to Twitter to give his insight into the subject everyone has been talking about the last few days. An X-Force movie is in the works and Jeff Wadlow has been brought aboard to write and possibly direct. Many see Cable and Deadpool as guaranteed members of the team, but Horowitz deflated that idea slightly.


Reynolds may not know about it now, but I’m sure he’ll be clued in before long. Official announcements on most of this things will be coming later this week at Comi-Con. Stay tuned to CBT for all the latest developments. What do you think about the recent run of rumors? Which ones do you buy or hope are flat out wrong?


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