MARVEL Roundup: WINTER SOLDIER Runtime Revealed, Whedon May Be Back For AVENGERS 3, Plus A New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Banner


guardians of the galaxy bannerIt’s time for another edition of Marvel Roundup, where we bring together some of the Marvel movie nuggets that have hit the web and put them into one convenient location for your reading pleasure. This last week and a half has been all about the Guardians of the Galaxy, but there are some other things going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is a new Guardians of the Galaxy banner (which you can see above), but the Captain America: The Winter Soldier runtime has been revealed and Iron Man 3‘s Drew Pearce may have possibly slipped up and let a big piece of news regarding Joss Whedon out of the bag. Read on for the full rundown!

According to the ever reliable Stitch Kingdom, the runtime for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a massive 136 minutes, which is two hours and sixteen minutes if you’re not good at all that math stuff. That would make this Marvel‘s second longest film right behind the two hour and twenty-two minute Avengers. The Winter Soldier has been getting great buzz from people in the know, and the Russo brothers have reportedly been asked back for Cap 3, so all signs point to this being a great flick. Obviously things aren’t official until Marvel announces it, but we can bet on a 2 hour plus film for sure.

Our third piece of Marvel news is a bit more speculative than the other two. Iron Man 3 co-writer and writer/director of the one-shot All Hail The King is still out and about promoting the short ahead of it’s release with the Thor: The Dark World home video release tomorrow. When asked if the short (which does end on a cliffhanger of sorts) will be picked up on in another short or film by Movies.Com, Pearce says it is possible. His answer also drops a possible bit of news we’ve all been speculating about: Will we see some aftermath of this short at some point, either in the cinematic universe or Netflix or any of the other crazy things Marvel is cooking up?
Pearce: Honestly, it’s a question above my pay grade. One of the things when you’re a writer or director in the Marvel universe is you come in, you leave some tasty morsels dangling at the end, and maybe you’re the one who comes in and picks them up again next time, or maybe it’s someone else, or maybe they just hang there awhile and that’s fine too. Despite any cliffhanger-ness to the short, I also don’t feel like it’s unsatisfying. That’s all you can really hope to do. Unless you’re Joss [Whedon] and you’re making Avengers 2 and 3, and then you have a pretty good idea if you’re making the next one or not.

Whether Pearce knows Whedon is indeed coming back for Avengers 3 or he’s just making an offhand remark about how things are played out remains to be seen. We’ve all had our fingers crossed that Whedon will make his run a trilogy, but only time will tell if that is in the cards. What do you think about Pearce‘s comments? Offhand remark and slip of the tongue? Are you happy to hear The Winter Soldier is a little longer than the other Marvel flicks?

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