MARVEL Roundup: Nebula, Fandral, Female Heroes And More


marvel bannerThe Los Angeles premiere for Thor: The Dark World was the other night, but some of the finale red carpet interviews are still being posted online. Last night we heard an earful from James Gunn about Guardians of the Galaxy (see that here if you missed it), and now we hear a little more from one of his stars about their role and how she interacts with the rest of the cast. Zachary Levi also talked about his love of comic books and how he’s happy to play Fandral while chatting with Marvel. We’ll close the roundup out with a few words from the cast of The Dark World about what female heroes they would like to see get their own solo films.

karen gillanKaren Gillan walked the red carpet for The Dark World premiere to see Marvel‘s latest film before everyone gets to see her outing in Guardians of the Galaxy as Nebula. She was bubbly and awestruck as ever, but while chomping on some bubblegum she was able to get out a few details about her role while talking to Clevver Movies. After talking about cutting her ginger locks, she talked about Nebula and how she interacts with the other characters:

So I play a character called Nebula. She’s the female villain of the film. She has a very interesting relationship with the lead female, Gamora, who is played by Zoe Saldana. That’s a very complex, interesting part of the film. Nebula is very sadistic and just bad through and through.

It’s really amazing working with Zoe Saldana. She is like a master of workin’ the camera. It was just so cool to watch her work. Also, she’s amazing at stunts! She used to be a ballerina, so she used to be good at all that stuff whereas I look like spaghetti.

After talking about having fun playing a bad character for the first time, Gillan talked about the good guys of Guardians. She really praised the two actors bringing the CGI characters of Rocket Raccoon and Groot to life, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel respectively.

Rocket Raccoon is one of the best characters in the film in my opinon and has so many amazing lines, so they needed to get a really amazing actor for the role and they did. I’m really excited to hear what he does with it!

Groot, that’s going to be so good! I mean he’s a huge tree [laughs]. He’s a tree. We’re going to see a tree talking and also a tree that will probably make us cry at some point.

A little further down the red carpet Gillan talked to Crave Online where she was asked about her Nebula voice. Since she’s changing up her physical appearance with her bald head, it stands to reason she might be doing everything differently from line reading to how she carries herself. The actress has a very distinctive Scottish accent, but she’ll be taking on a different tone for Guardians:

I adopted a voice quality, which I won’t bore you with now, but it’s not Scottish and…isn’t as kind of grating as my natural voice.

Before we leave the Guardians of the Galaxy corner, Chris Pratt had a funny Tweet about his audition process. The actor took part in a Twitter Q&A for his new movie Delivery Man, but he had a few Guardians questions as well. There were surprisingly only one actual Guardians question other than people saying ‘can’t wait to see Guardians,’ and it was about the audition process:

fandralMoving on to Thor: The Dark World stuff, Zachary Levi stopped by the Marvel offices to talk about comic books and his research process for Fandral the Dashing. Levi was a big comic book fan since childhood:

I grew up reading all Marvel all the time. It’s amazing to see all of these characters that I already animated into worlds. I got into Captain America for a while. I loved the kind of patriotism behind it and the iconic-ness behind him. I loved his vibranium shield. I thought that was just dope! He could jump off a mountain and hit the ground and he wouldn’t feel a thing if he landed on his shield. I’m like ‘I want one of those, get me that!’

I was already a little familiar with Fandral in the past and I actually almost played Fandral in the first Thor, so I had done research that time around. When it came back around this time I was like ‘I think I know what I’m getting myself into.’ Seeing all these movies happening, as a comic book fan, and them being so awesome, these worlds live and breath now. My dreams as a kid are actually happening on movie screens. Then as an actor, to get to be in that world, to get to be in the Marvel Universe and be Fandral the Dashing, it’s pretty epic. To work with such incredible talent like Chris, Natalie, Anthony, Ray Stevenson, and Jaimie as well…it’s a heady experience.

Speaking of Zachary‘s cast mates, several actors from The Dark World told E! which ladies they would like to see get their own Marvel movies. Chris Hemsworth wants one of his Avengers co-starts to get her own flick:

I’d love to see a Black Widow movie. I think it will happen. It has to. We’ll rally for it. We’ll get it started.

Tom Hiddleston agreed, saying “That would be amazing. Scarlett would really bring the thunder on that.

While the two sons of Odin may agree, the other cast members have different ideas. Zachary Levi wants to see Silver Sable. He said “I think Silver Sable could be really cool. Unfortunately there isn’t a giant built-in audience for that because Silver Sable was sort of a smaller comic. But I think it could be one that people could really enjoy.Kat Dennings chimed in with “She-Hulk is pretty amazing! There are so may fantastic female superheros to choose from. It is time and I’m sure it’s already in the pipeline.Jaimie Alexander didn’t have anyone specific in mind, but she’s ready for a female led superhero film. The actress said “I would really like to see it happen. I think there’s a need for it. I think young women would like to look up to somebody strong and not have the movie dominated by a male character.” While we’ve heard Marvel‘s Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito talk about a female movie, we’ll just wait and see if it happens come Phase 4 time. Phase 3 seems to be packed, so we’ll have to get by with female heroes in other movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron. What do you think about the latest edition of Marvel Roundup? Anything jump out at you?

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