MARVEL Roundup: Branagh Talks THE DARK WORLD, RUNAWAYS Really Is Dead, And WINTER SOLDIER Spoilers Emerge


marvelIt’s time for another edition of Marvel Roundup. We’ve scoured the web looking for Marvel tidbits to bring together into one convenient location for your reading pleasure. Today we’ll have Thor director Kenneth Branagh weighing in on the sequel, Brian K. Vaughn once again lending weight to the fact that The Runaways movie is well and truly dead, and then there’s some potential Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers. We’ve saved them for last so you can make your decision to read or not to read at the very end. Strap in and read on!

Total Film caught up with Thor director Kenneth Branagh while he was promoting his new film which he directed and starred in, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Branagh was asked if he had seen Thor: The Dark World and if it was close to what he would have done had he stayed on for the sequel. The director doesn’t exactly answer the question, but he does say he would have done things differently:

Yep, I did. I enjoyed it very much. I think inevitably one would have headed in a different direction. There are so many variants on the…possibilities across those stories. I remember when we were doing the first one, just literally deciding who was going to be in it and which worlds and realms we were going to be in took a long, long time. There was much to sift from. It’s inevitable and the choices are almost infinite. I really liked what they did, but I would have probably gone in a different direction.

runawayFan-favorite scribe Brian K. Vaughn recently spoke with CBR about everything he’s done in the world of comics to some of his TV work with CBS’ Under the Dome. At the end of the interview the writer was asked to update his various film projects, specifically Y: The Last Man and The Runaways. Vaughn reveals that the rights to Y: The Last Man will soon revert back to him and co-creator Pia Guerra and that there are no plans for a Runaways movie that he knows of:

It’s my understanding that the rights to “Y: The Last Man” will revert back to co-creator Pia Guerra and me for the first time in a decade if the planned New Line adaptation doesn’t start shooting in the next few months, so I expect there will be some “Y” news in 2014 either way.
And I presume a “Runaways” movie is dead at this point, but I haven’t talked to anyone from Marvel in a long time, so I’m not sure. I thought “Roundtable” and “The Vault” were both dead, too, but I just heard rumblings about each recently. I guess you never know.

Drew Pearce got the job to co-write Iron Man 3 based on the Runaways script, and he has said many times that The Avengers killed the chances of seeing The Runaways for a good while. With Marvel’s new deal with Netflix, that may be a good alternate option for the young group of heroes.

Finally, some potential Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers have hit. This is your last chance to back out so read on at your own risk.

winter soldierThisIsInfamous.Com got their hands on a juicy bit of news regarding the true villain Captain America will have to take down in The Winter Soldier. Yes, Bucky is indeed one of the major focuses of the film, but he’s not the true big bad. According to the site, the real power behind the entire movie is HYDRA:

With HYDRA seemingly decimated, following the capture of Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and the removal of Red Skull from this realm, HYDRA will be secretly brought into the modern era, using sleeper agents to infiltrate the United States government and other federal agencies, including S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to rise to power and take over our way of life. That leaves Captain America and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, who we’ve been told time and time again is a major player in THE WINTER SOLDIER, to root out these hidden agents before it’s too late.

The site goes on to list some of HYRDA’s agents in the film. Their ranks will include Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce, Bucky Barnes of course, Maximiliano Hernandez’s Agent Jasper Sitwell, and Garry Shandling’s Senator Stern from the Iron Man movies who was dead set on getting Tony’s armor. This makes sense and would explains how Baron von Strucker will be put into a position to menace The Avengers in Age of Ultron. I would say this is one rumor that will probably turn out to be true, but only time will tell. What do you think about the goings on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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