MARVEL Rolls Out Their Kookiest In-Store Promotion Yet For ORIGINAL SIN


watcher bannerBoth Marvel and DC usually roll out some nifty in-store promotions for their big, earth-shattering, status quo changing events that happen every summer (or September in DC‘s case). There have been Green Lantern rings, special limited edition buttons, variant covers, vampire teeth, and all manner of other free goodies. Well Marvel‘s in-store promotion for Jason Aaron‘s big summer event, Original Sin, may just take the creepy cake.

Newsarama revealed that Marvel well be giving retailers who meet special ordering quotas bag of “Watcher eyes” to give away. They are essentially larger bouncy balls that are made to look like Uatu the Watcher‘s peepers. Aaron‘s story features the 616 Universe‘s Watcher being murdered and his eyes being stolen. The Watcher‘s white eyes hold every secret to the Marvel Universe, and someone wants to let those loose. Now apparently you can hold a Watcher eye of your own if your retailer participates. What do you think about this new promo?


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