Will Marvel Reboot Its Universe Like DC When AvX Concludes?


If there is one word in comics that annoys long-time fans the most it’s “reboot.” Michael Worthan and I are here with our latest View2View: Will Marvel quickly pull off the band-aid and reboot its entire universe at the conclusion of the currently ongoing 12-part Avengers vs. X-Men mega-event?

Comic Canuck’s View:

Sadly, my answer to this installment of View2View is that I suggest the answer is yes. Why? Money. Marvel watched DC pull off what many critics in the comic industry had deemed impossible when they re-launched its entire line of comics in September, 2011 under the title “the New 52.”

A Marvel reboot would re-invigorate the creative juices of the artists, writers, colorists and editors which is also the sales pitch they’ll use. Digital comics have yet to fly off the virtual shelves as Marvel had hoped and the company may realize they still have a lot of work to do before it can go purely digital. In doing so, that would wipe out the traditional comic shop as we know it. The traditional comic shop is still going strong and some (such as Calgary comic shops Phoenix Comics and Alpha Comics) are in fact attributing a lot of their recent comic book sales success to DC’s the New 52. How much longer can Marvel ignore this? The easy answer is that MARVEL can’t.

Arguably, Marvel has not been ignoring the success of its fiercest rival over at DC, but have been sitting back patiently observing the good – and the bad – of what DC pulled off in order to do it better.

Imagine a new Marvel Universe for a moment. Take the best things of the two Marvel universes – the classic Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe  – mix the best parts of them together and what comes out of that is even more solid story-telling. This way, Marvel also eliminates the need for having two versions of each superhero and villain. Still, this will surely confuse new fans of comics. DC ended its last big event  – Flashpoint – of its original universe by wiping it out and ushering in the New 52 reality. Let’s see what Marvel decides at the end of its latest epic event, Avengers vs. X-Men. Will the Phoenix force be the catalyst for a re-imagined Marvel Universe?

Michael Worthan’s View:

To this question I’m going to have to stick with my gut on this one and say no. With all the major events happening in Marvel’s 616 Universe and the crossover of 616 Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man in their upcoming series I don’t see it happening. A full reboot wouldn’t help what they have been trying to accomplish for years in Marvel, and that’s clean up the Universe a bit and make it more accessible to those that are just starting to read comics.

I know That DC Comics decided to do this after their big Flashpoint event, and in all honesty it’s been a pretty spectacular run for them on a lot of their books. Obviously we’ve seen quite a few cancelled and have been privy to seeing a few characters change, as well as kept wondering where the hell some of our more obscure favorites are, but all in all it’s been a decent run for them. Now for me as a fan that’s a different deal, I miss a lot of the DCU and what sucks most is that all or most of the information I knew about the old Universe is obsolete with all the changes that were made with the “soft” reboot. I don’t think that Marvel would want to take this route and delete all their history like DC has, and for all we know DC has a backdoor that allows them at any moment to switch from one Universe to another, and risk losing fans by the handful. I know DC has taken some lumps, but for all the bluff and bluster of the fans it has turned out rather positive, but I don’t see making that move, there are too many variables, too many moves that would have to be made, and really do we want to be put through the Spider-Man clone saga again? It wasn’t a good idea then it wasn’t a good idea for the Ultimate series in my opinion, Mr. Bendis I’m looking at you!

So my answer remains a no, and honestly I hope they don’t I like my Marvel just the way it is, confusing and with the ability to mind wipe everyone with one fatal swoop of Scarlet Witches craziness.

Michael and I want to hear your view on this. Please let us know in the comments below or send us a note on Twiter @notsosilentmike and @Comic_Canuck

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