Marvel NOW! Thor And Iron Man Covers And Details


Most of the Marvel NOW! teams have been announced and are in place. With all the teases for the teams out of the way, we can finally learn a little about what the new stories will be about. Two of  the first ones to get some explanation is Jason Aaron’s Thor and Kieron Gillen’s Iron Man.

Today Newsarama spoke with Aaron about his first arc in the relaunced Thor God of Thunder. You can check out the full interview here, but the juicy bit is about how the first arc will be structured. Aaron will be tackling three Thors from different points over thousands of years.

I do flash back and show a young Thor in action, but he’s actually just one of three Thors that I want to focus on. This first story is an epic tale that plays out over the course of thousands of years. So we spend time with young Thor in the Viking age — the young, hotheaded god of the Vikings, who loves to come down to Midgard and get into trouble. In the present, we see Thor the Avenger on a journey that takes him to the far corners of space, interacting with all sorts of new space gods and wondrous new locations. And then we also see old King Thor, who’s the last king of Asgard, thousands of years in the future, where something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The link between all of these years is the villain. Aaron has an all new character with his baddie named Gorr the God Butcher. As you can imagine, he is a serial killer of the gods. He starts picking people off one at a time, but by the end of the first arc “he has become something even more frightening.”


Back on Earth, you have Iron Man written by Kieron Gillen. The new Iron Man story arc will be exploring Stark’s relationships with all the women in his life. There is also promises of all new suits of armor and a focus on the Extremis aspects of Iron Man in the first five standalone or “done-in-one issues.” The Iron Man arc sounds to be more about Stark’s morality and coping with what his life has become. You can read all of Gillen’s comments in the Marvel interview here.

The symbolism that I bring immediately into the book [is] a lot like the Arthurian concept of the grail-knight: the idea that Tony Stark is the grail-knight, or at least aspiring to be the grail-knight. When we meet him he’s left Resilient and he’s digging into what’s going on. Pepper has a line in the first issue saying, “Oh, you’re not having a midlife crisis are you? Just buy yourself a suit of armor.” That’s where we start and he begins to ask questions.

The story will focus on him questioning things about himself and trying to find out exactly how the universe ticks, what’s this all about and why he does this anyway. It’s going to be one of the major themes of the book going forward. For as long as I’m on the book it will be one of the two major themes I’m working on, like on UNCANNY X-MEN [with] the theme of power and the corruption thereof.

Aaron’s run on the Hulk has been pretty good overall, so it will be interesting to see how he tackles the god of thunder. I’m not quiet sold on the art, but in fairness the cover rarely reflects what’s inside. Gillen’s Iron Man sounds like a fresh start for the character as well. What do you think of the teams? Are you looking forward to Thor and Iron Man?


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