Marvel NOW! Phase 2 Launches With All-New Invaders, Inhumans, And More


avengersWe’ve been hearing that Marvel was about to start a second phase of their Marvel NOW! initiative for a while. There’s been a lot of teasing and promises of some big and surprising books coming up. Well today the publisher has finally pulled back the curtain and let part of All-New Marvel NOW! be known. After a new Point One one-shot introducing the next phase, we’ll be seeing the Invaders coming back together, Inhumans/Inhumanity launching, and a much more.

Marvel revealed some of their plans to USA Today and debuted a few covers for the titles in the new initiative. Avengers No. 24.NOW will serve as a new entry point for one of Marvel‘s biggest title. Jonathan Hickman will start a new storyline that sees Captain America and Iron Man rounding up a new team to deal with a planet heading straight for Earth. That kicks off December 24th with new books rolling out through April. We’ll see some books made accessible to new readers as well. To help lapsed readers jump back into certain series, some issues will have a digital code for the first collection of issues so readers can get up to speed.

inhumanOne new book that should get a lot of people excited is The Invaders. Captain America, Bucky, Namor, and the original Human Torch will team back up for the first time since WWII. James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh will launch that new title. It all starts when the “Kree Empire seeks to dediscover a device that can control gods and create and unstoppable army, but Cap’s crew springs into action to head them off.” The Inhumans, Black Widow, and even the Silver Surfer will be getting some love with All-New Marvel NOW! as well. Writer Matt Fraction had a few words to say about his upcoming and highly-anticipated Inhumans series:

There is something alien in the Inhumans, something other, something not from around here. It’s the secret kingdom stuff, the weird powers, the mixture of science fiction and pure fantasy that makes up their history. You can tell the mark of a quality human being by their enjoyment of the Inhumans. Like being a Velvet Underground fan.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about these titles and some of the as-of-yet unannounced ones between now and December. What do you think about the first string of books for the next phase?


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Source : USA Today