MARVEL NOW: Don’t Call It A Reboot


We all knew that the events of Avengers vs. X-Men would reshape the face of the Marvel Universe, and now we see how exactly it will do so. Marvel will be relaunching the universe come this October.

Unlike DC’s 52, the Marvel relaunch will not change any continuity. Books will be reworked and relaunched with fresh #1’s on their covers and all the heroes will be sporting new looks. The new idea is to have an easily accessible point for new readers to climb aboard the Marvel train. October will see Marvel launch brand new series, some come out weekly, with new relaunches for classic books as well. All of this will run through February of next year.

Some readers of EW’s comic-con issue uploaded the picture Joe Quesada did for the new character looks as well as descriptions for three of the books. You can see pictures of the pages below. These descriptions come by way of CBR:

  • Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender and John Cassaday starring a team composed of Captain America, Wolverine and others from the company’s two powerhouse franchises battling the mutant-hating Red Skull.
  • All New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen realigning the mutant team in the wake of AvX as the original five X-Men are mysteriously brought to the present day. This title will launch in November.
  • Avengers by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena, which is light on specific details aside from a roster of 18 heroes in a bi-weekly comic that seems to be Hickman-esque rethinking of the Avengers core mission in the vein of the writer’s “Fantastic Four” run.

There will be digital bonuses for each of the Marvel Now books similar to AvX. This is all a part of Marvel ReEvolution push.

Hickman’s Avengers is said to feature “galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs.” Bendis talked about the X-Men book with EW:

It’s not a time-travel story like Back To The Future. It’s a time-travel story like Pleasantville. Here’s the big question that the original X-Men are gonna be faced with: We’re gonna grow up, and this is what we’re going to get? That is not acceptable.”

While all of this information coming out now spoils the ending of AvX, not all of it sounds so bad. DC was able to change for the better, in most cases, so maybe Marvel can refresh their universe and bring together great new teams. I’m not one to love big changes in comics, but I will wait and see on this one.


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Source : ComicBookResources