Marvel NOW! Covers And Details For Fantastic Four, FF, And Deadpool


Most of the teaser images have been unveiled and we’ve started to get story information for some of the Marvel NOW! titles. We’ve heard about Iron Man and Thor’s new teams and stories and now we can add three more to that list. Matt Fraction talks about his work on Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation and the Deadpool team talks about their new story.

Matt Fraction is taking over Jonathan Hickman’s two books for the Marvel NOW! relaunch, and he is definitely going in a new direction. Speaking with USA Today, Fraction laid out the plans for both books.Fantastic Four will find Marvel’s first family on a space journey. Fraction says that the team will only be gone for 4 earth minutes, but that’s going to be a full year for them.

Reed builds a ship that will take his team and his children across time and space for an epic historical lesson. If they’re studying ancient Rome, then by God let’s go have lunch with Caesar on the Ides of March. If they’re looking at the Big Bang, they’re going to watch it from the front row.

They’ll be gone for a year — which will only be four minutes in regular Earth time — and while there will be continuing plot threads, each issue will be a new adventure and new situation.

But while the Richards clan is out in space, the Baxter Building won’t be left defenseless. This is where the Future Foundation comes in. It won’t be the students all alone though, a whole new team is left to defend New York in the 4 minute span of time the team is gone.

The Big Bang happened in less than a second, though, so four minutes is an eternity for the big brain of Reed Richards. He makes it a point for them to choose the people they want to carry on their legacy just in case something goes awry since the Earth will still need protection.

The Fantastic Four handpick a new team to stand guard for four minutes. The new team will consist of Scott Lang aka Ant-Man chosen by Reed, Sue chooses Medusa, She-Hulk is picked by Ben, and Johnny picks a new character. Johnny chooses Miss Thing who is just a “Lohan-esque celebutante” he was with the night before according to Fraction. The team do encounter a surprise. Fraction teases that storyline:

Ant-Man and his group stand guard for the four minutes, but nothing happens. Three weeks later, a one-eyed, one-legged, long-haired, half-insane, bearded Johnny Storm walks through the time gateway, shuts it behind him and says, “We can never open this door again.”



The new Deadpool team consists of comedians and writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan with Tony Moore on art. The team is writing an arc that sees Deadpool take on a mission from SHIELD. He will fight zombie versions of American Presidents. Posehn talked about how the team coming onto Deadpool came about:

Well, this whole thing would never have happened if it weren’t for Comic-Con, probably. In any situation where you get something going, it’s all about who you know, and this really came from that. Hanging out with Axel [Alonso]. Meeting Axel through Rick Remender. And Remender, who’s our biggest cheerleader, going, “These guys are funny. These guys love comics. These guys should be writing.” It originally started with the idea that we were just going to do a special. But with Marvel kind of reevaluating their books, they realized they don’t really want to do specials anymore. Then we were on the back-burner for a while. But we’ve been talking about doing something with them for a couple of years now. But the seed was at Comic-Con.


The Fantastic Four book seems very interesting, and the FF book seems to be trying something new (that’s really the only positive thing I can think to say about it!). I’ll give FF a chance, but the cover and story details doesn’t do anything to impress me. Deadpool is always good for a laugh, and Posehn is a great comedian. It will be interesting to see how that teams does. What do you think about all the details? Am I wrong about FF? Does Deadpool seem as awesome to you as it does me?

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