Marvel NOW! Captain America And The New Thunderbolts


By now you’ve probably seen the big spoiler in today’s AvX issue. We’re not going to talk about it here, but you can imagine that it will have a big effect on the Marvel Universe as stories progress into the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Today we have a look at a cover to Captain America and the reveal of the new Thunderbolts team.


Rick Remender is taking over Captain America with John Romita Jr. on art. The first arc, all 10 issues of it, will see Cap go into Dimension Z to face off against Arnim Zola. We have Romita Jr’s cover to the second issue as well as a few words by Remender about Cap post AvX and his first storyline:

He’s taking down super villains and saving the world and in the midst of all of this, Steve Rogers the person gets lost in the shuffle. He is so exhausted but driven by this sense of duty that when this situation arises and things move forward, he’s going to have a very big reaction. I’ll deal with the fallout from things like ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’ and how it affects Cap in ‘Uncanny Avengers’ where you’re also getting the return of the Red Skull. This is going to be a very different thing and won’t really deal with those ramifications so much. He’s got his mind on other stuff in this adventure.


We also have the reveal of a team Marvel had teased a few days ago. Releasing a teaser with the word Thunder, many guessed correctly that it would be about the Thunderbolts. The new team will consist of Red Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, Venom, and Deadpool The story will be from the team of Daniel Way and Steve Dillon. Newsarama has an interview with editor Jordan White. There will be more team members added throughout the story, but the core team will be what you see on the cover. Here’s a segment of that interview where White comments on the team’s formation.

Unlike the most recent Thunderbolts, this group is not working for any government program — this is Red Hulk’s team, to do with as he sees fit. In case you forgot, big red’s secret ID is that of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, a well-respected military official who the world thinks was KIA. Well, just because he can’t be part of the American Armed Forces doesn’t mean he can’t put together an armed force of his own (in fact, as a side note, I’d considered suggesting we call the book “Thunderbolt’s” with a possessive, but decided I would be laughed out of editorial if I mentioned it). And again, if you look at the crew ol’ T-Bolt has put together, you can get a sense of the kind of things he might be looking to do with them. They’re a team of loners, but all highly trained and highly skilled as either mercenaries or soldiers. This is a black ops dream team… or perhaps red ops, as the case may be. They’re all characters with their own very particular morality, who do the things they do because they believe in them. They believe they are doing right, even if the world around them might not. Now that they’re working together, they can set their sights even higher… and the world had better look out, because they won’t take no for an answer.

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