Marvel NOW! Cable And X-Force Get Hopeless


Yesterday Marvel NOW! announced Avengers Arena. That story is about the youngsters of the Marvel Universe fighting to the death on Murder World and is written by Dennis Hopeless. Today Marvel NOW! gets even more Hopeless! Cable and X-Force was just announced for this December. It will team up writer Hopeless with artist Salvador Larroca. CBR spoke with Hopeless about the series. Below is the cover to the first issue as well as a few comments about the story. You can read the full interview here.

The new team roster is spelled out on the cover, so I won’t insult your intelligence by going through it for you. The cover gives you a pretty good hint of what kind of story we’re getting ourselves into. Avengers Arena was a homage to Battle Royale, and this one is in the vein of The Usual Suspects. Hopeless on what kind of story he is doing:

Our first arc is the story of how Cable and his X-Force become the world’s Most Wanted mutant terrorists. You know how at the beginning and end of every “Mission Impossible” movie Tom Cruise is a spy, but in the middle he’s an international criminal on the run from the whole world? That’s what we’re doing here.

Cable had last been seen trying to kill The Avengers in the prequel to AvX, X-Sanction. A lot will happen with Cable before he shows up in X-Force, but Hopeless talks about what makes Cable so great:

When Cable is at his best, he’s the Mad Max of the Marvel Universe; Beat to shit. Tank just above empty. Odds always against him. Whether he likes it or not, he’s going to spend the whole movie driving straight at the enemy.

Mad Max meets Steve McQueen as played by the T2 Terminator: That’s my take on Cable. He doesn’t want to sit and chat. He doesn’t have time to explain the plan to you. He just wants whatever horrible thing he has to do done fast, so he can steal five minutes peace after. The fun part is surrounding him with a supporting cast who absolutely refuse to give him that peace.

This seems like an interesting take on X-Force. Every time the book shows up again it is completely different from the last take, and t seems like Hopeless definitely has a different view of the team. What do you think? Does the situation seem…completely Hopeless?

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Source : CBR