MARVEL Looking At Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Paul Rudd For ANT-MAN


ant-man bannerEdgar Wright has been Tweeting that he’s about to start work on Ant-Man for the past week. We haven’t heard a lot about the film other than it’s currently scheduled for a July 31, 2015 release. Well now two names have emerged that Marvel are supposedly looking at to star in the film. The two actors couldn’t be further apart on the movie spectrum either.

According to Variety, Marvel‘s frontrunners for the Wright helmed film are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd. The site says a third actor may well emerge in the coming weeks, but right now Gordon-Levitt and Rudd are the studios top contenders. Those are two vastly different actors. Gordon-Levitt has become a rising star as of late with outings in films like Looper and The Dark Knight Rises. Rudd has been a solid comedy mainstay with a few dramatic outings here and there. Both names have popped up in many fancasts for comic book movies, but I don’t think they’ve really turned up in Ant-Man discussions. Gordon-Levitt was rumored for Star-Lord and even Doctor Strange at various times, so he’s been on Marvel’s radar for a while. Rudd is probably more of an Edgar Wright choice than a Marvel choice. We’ll have to wait and see which Ant-man Wright is presenting before we can really judge the actors. Hank Pym will have a role in the film, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be the main character. Many have speculated Wright would rather work with Scott Lang, the criminal turned hero. We’ve also had Joss Whedon say Pym won’t have a role in the creation of Ultron. It’s really all up in the air for now.

Marvel has a lot of faith in Ant-Man. The film has been in development since before the first Iron Man was even in development. Once Wright finished his so-called Cornetto Trilogy with World’s End, the time was finally right for Wright to tackle Ant-Man. It was originally scheduled for a late fall release but Marvel had so much faith in it they decided to move it to a highly competitive summer slot. The actors will meet with Marvel and the director one more time before a decision is made. What do you think about the news? Do you want Rudd, Gordon-Levitt, or somebody else?


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Source : Variety