Marvel Investigating The Case Of The Spider-Man Spoilers


spider-manIf you’ve been on the internet at all in the past few months, you’re probably aware that some big stuff is going on in Amazing Spider-Man. The Marvel NOW! Superior Spider-Man will launch with a new person behind the mask according to writer Dan Slott. That sent the internet into a tizzy and hyped up the final three issues before the Amazing Spider-Man title takes a bow. *THERE WILL NOW BE MENTION OF WHAT HAPPENED IN #697 AND #698 IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THEM*

superior spider-manWe’ve seen Doc Ock switch places with Peter Parker, trapping  the original webbed hero in Ock’s dying body. We found out in #698 how he did it and what Parker Ock will try to do to correct it. Now, because of the last two pages and a full book synopsis leaking online, we know how it ends. We won’t be posting the spoilers so don’t worry about reading on.  The pages leaked online just a few days ago and aren’t digital images, they’re scans of the actual printed book.

This is a scandal because the book doesn’t come out until Dec. 26 and hasn’t shipped to retailers. That means that the leak has most likely come out by way of someone working in the printing or publishing process. Dan Slott addressed his disappointment via his Twitter. Each issue of the final three issue arc has been spoiled weeks in advance. Marvel is now investigating to find the person(s) responsible.

CBR received word from Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso expressing his disappointment in the leak and what Marvel plans to do about it:

It’s always disappointing when someone decides to spoil a big story by posting it on the torrents. Piracy affects fans, creators and retailers who look forward to a big comic book to put some cash in their registers — which ‘Amazing Spider-Man #700’ definitely will do. The fact that physical copies of the issue exist, but are accessible to a select few, is, of course, alarming.

Marvel is investigating this matter.”

The spoilers aren’t hard to find if you just have to know, but we won’t give you links to them. It remains to be seen how much the three issue spoiler fiasco has and will hurt sells, but it will certainly have some impact. December 26th will show the issue in it’s entirety, so those few pages that are making the rounds may not be the whole story. While it has seemed like Marvel may have leaked some false pages for Spider-Man, it looks like this leak is legit. What do you think about the leaks?

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