Marvel Going Cosmic In 2013


cosmicThe cosmic side of comic book fandom should be very happy with Marvel this year. The special word this year is “Cosmic” as series like Nova and a relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy premiere. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso touched on some of Marvel’s plans for 2013 in his weekly column with CBR. Alonso says where 2012 was all about making AvX a hit and setting the stage for Marvel NOW!, 2013’s goal is to remind readers why Marvel’s playground is called the Marvel UNIVERSE. The editor promises “in 2013, we’ll close the gap between Earth and the so-called Cosmic Universe like never before.” It seems that Nova and Guardians are only a few of several characters yet to be revealed who will play a big role in 2013.

novaThe cosmic line will be a big part of Marvel’s plans, but Alonso says it’s not really fair labeling it strictly the “cosmic line.” The players won’t be off in their own sections of the universe:

It’s a mistake to label this the “Cosmic line.” Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy are as deeply woven into the fabric of the Marvel Universe as Spider-Man or the X-Men, and we’re going to remind readers of that in 2013. The Guardians won’t be fueling up their spacecraft on the planet Gronk when the $#!% hits the fan — they’ll be right in the thick of it.

Look, “Marvel Studios’ The Avengers” underscored the fact that the heroes fought for Earth in the context of a larger universe — hello, Thanos! — and we’ll be doing the same thing in 2013. The creative teams on “Nova” [Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness] and “Guardians of the Galaxy” [Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven] have put their heart and souls into telling exciting and accessible stories that exist in — and will be relevant to — the Marvel Universe and reflect deep affection for the characters and their history. And the art? Oh my God. Ed McGuiness and Steve McNiven are killing it! You won’t find two better-looking books on comic racks.

Titles are connected, but it is done “organically” according to Alonso. Stories are connected in such that they are taking place against the same backdrop but eaders will get their own experiences with each title. The main Marvel man also touched on the new Beast look as well as teasing the X-Men 50th Anniversary plans coming later this year. You can read all his comments by clicking here. So we’re going to be seeing a lot more space adventures as Marvel returns to exploring the cosmic aspects of the universe. We knew about Bendis’ Guardians of the Galaxy and Jeph Loeb’s Nova, but it sounds like there’s a lot more coming we don’t know about. What do you think cosmic fans? Are you looking forward to Marvel’s newly placed importance on the cosmic characters?

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Source : CBR