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Marvel’s recent announcement about the Marvel NOW! initiative was met with mixed reactions by fans. Some were intrigued by the reshuffling of artists and writers for new books, while others were concerned that this was just code for a complete universe reboot. Fans can now rest easier, Marvel has been out and about reassuring fans that this is not a reboot, only a relaunch of titles and new groupings for certain teams. Marvel’s editorial team of Axel Alonso, Tom Brevoort, and Joe Quesada answered questions over at

Alonso started off by saying that Marvel NOW! is “the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the Marvel Universe.” Starting in October and running through February, Marvel will be releasing new #1 issues with new creative teams as an easy entry-point into the Marvel Universe.They stress that lapsed readers can jump back in. Alonso touched on the reboot concerns fans had raised:

It is not a reboot. We don’t travel back in time, into the future, or to an alternate universe. Marvel NOW! respects the investment—emotional and financial—that long-term fans have made in the Marvel Universe, and this story takes place in a Marvel Universe they can recognize, one that grows out of Avengers Vs. X-Men. That said, these stories will be accessible to lapsed readers—the guy who likes, say, Captain America, but doesn’t know where to start—and anyone who saw a Marvel movie or heard the buzz about Marvel NOW!

While not every title will be directly effected by the relaunch, most of the core titles will be under the NOW! umbrella. Quesada on the scope and release tactics:

The scope is pretty huge. It’s pretty huge, but we’re also taking a very conservative tactic in the sense that we’re not just going to say “Hey, we’re just going to dump it all on you in one particular shot.” This is going to be a significant release that’s going to take place over several months so that we can do it properly, do it in a way that our readers can appreciate, and tell our stories in the right way. Because we do have a lot of moving parts here and I think it’s the fairest and best way to do this.

With the relaunch comes a larger role for digital technology. Marvel has been offering codes in some of their recent issues, and we can expect more of that as well as other new bells and whistles in the near future. The cover for books will also become more “cinematic” to capture people’s attention. It was noted that the traditional placement of barcodes, ratings and logos might be changed from time to time.

So now we’re going to start looking at our covers as design work as a whole, and placing the images in places that are most attractive and that catch the eye in the best way. So if that means that if it’s an Iron Man cover and Iron Man’s head is on the top left side of that cover and the logo is on the bottom right, if that’s the thing that’s going to grab the readership, then that’s what we’re going to do. So it’s a challenge to our cover artists to think more in terms of design. We’re leaving the canvas open to them to work with as much as we possibly can. Because our covers carry a lot of information. They have ratings, they have UPS, they have all these things. So we’re designing our covers so that all these things aren’t locked in a specific area of the cover so that for the most part the canvas is empty for the artist to do their thing.

The preview piece featuring the new costumes was also touched on. Quesada said that along with costume changes there will be characters you wouldn’t expect brought to the forefront. The whole piece was to symbolize the changing of the status quo. It was very interesting that Quesada commented on Cyclops. He said “Who knows if that’s even Scott in that costume?”

Brevroot gave a brief rundown on the teams in place for now.

Rick Remender and John Cassaday on UNCANNY AVENGERS, Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen on ALL-NEW X-MEN, and Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena on AVENGERS, with Adam Kubert, Dustin Weaver and Mike Deodato also contributing to that twice-a-month series, plus Jonathan and Steve Epting on NEW AVENGERS. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The team went on to talk about how the stories would shape up and what they thought of the creative teams. To read the very extensive interview on, you can click right here. While some may remain hesitant, at least nothing is being done away with. If the real intent is to offer new jumping on points for old fans and recent movie goers, that may work. AvX is about to come to a dramatic conclusion, so we don’t have too long to wait and see how this changes things.

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