Marvel Drops One Word Teasers For New Stories Involving Silver Surfer, Jean Grey And More


marvel bannerMarvel fired up their word generator and put out some new teasers for big announcements coming up at New York Comic Con October 11th. Five new teasers have been released signaling new developments with some series and the launch of a few more. Some of the announcements have already been figured out though.

The first teaser “Judgement” and “Trial” are for a story by Brian Michael Bendis with artists Sara Pichelli and Stuart Immonen. Back in February Bendis mentioned a Guardians of the Galaxy/X-Men crossover that put Jean Grey on trial. A galactic council will debate what to do with Earth due to the war crime actions of one Ms. Grey. It looks like this is the teaser for that big story.

Rad” is for a new series from Dan Slott and Michael Allred. Slott has mentioned a few times that he’d love to work on a Silver Surfer comic. At the Anaheim Convention Center this past year Slott was hooking up his computer to a display screen for his panel and a Silver Surfer folder was visible on his screen. He mentioned there were some things on his desktop those in attendance shouldn’t have seen. While we’ll have to wait for confirmation, Slott seems to be working on a Silver Surfer series. The cosmic surfer has gotten a lot of attention in an Infinity mini comics recently.

The fourth teaser featuring the word “Corporate” is for something from Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico. It seems like this will be the Marvel NOW! phase 2 series following up David‘s recently ended X-Factor run.

The final teaser, “Mindbubble,” is for something new in Rick Remender‘s Captain America. The new arc will include the Weapon Minus Program, Doctor Mind Bubble, the Iron Nail, and Nuke. We’ll be hearing a lot more this October, but what do you think about the teaser and what they seem to indicate so far?







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Source : via Bleeding Cool