Could Marvel Be Assembling The NEW AVENGERS For Phase 4?


new avengersHere’s an interesting rumor that’s just hit the web. It’s being reported by UnleashTheFanboy.Com that Marvel is already batting around ideas for Phase 4 of the cinematic universe. There are still a few empty slots for Phase 3 left to be filled, but according to the site the New Avengers may gather together when it comes time to defend the earth again around 2020ish. This new grouping of heroes will be brought together in an attempt to fill ol’ Robert Downey Jr.‘s shoes.

UTF states they’ve been talking to their friend at Disney who told them that plans are starting to develop. Says their source “It’s so incredibly early in the process, but unless Robert [Downey Jr.] makes an insane deal with these guys, they’re going with New Avengers.” We all know RDJ has only agreed to star in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3, but anything after that is a no go for now. That would necessitate Marvel reshuffling their teams since Mr. Downey is currently the star of the Marvel show.

New Avengers would make a lot of sense though. The roster has included many heroes since first being introduced in 2005, like Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, and some of the current movie Avengers as well. With Phase 3 introducing a new group of heroes like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, and Marvel admitting that their Netflix shows could translate into movie appearance if they prove successful, there are definitely enough heroes to fill out the team. The current roster also includes Black Panther, who is said to be getting his own film or at least a cameo in the near future, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt. The Inhumans are a particular favorite of Kevin Feige. UTF‘s source agrees that the new blood  is definitely there:

Well, you’ve heard the recent casting announcements. They’ve got a ton of great guys. Paul Rudd. Michael Douglas. Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Whoever they choose for Doctor Strange and the other new guys in Phase 3. They’ve got a lot of great guys to lead the new phase of the team. But that’s all I say. It’s really early.

Now of course this requires the necessary amounts of salt considering this would be Phase 4 plans, especially since movie plans are incredibly fluid, but it’s worth mentioning and thinking about right now. Marvel will have to move on because RDJ won’t be there forever. Nor will some of the other Avengers cast members in a few years. With new heroes popping up in the next round of films, there are definitely enough folks to fill out a couple of teams. What do you think? Would you like to see some version of the New Avengers on the big screen?

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Source : UnleashTheFanboy