Mark Waid Talks Green Hornet And The Shocking Twist In Daredevil #22


green hornet waid banner2013 is going to be an even busier year for Mark Waid. The writer will continue with his Daredevil and Hulk series for Marvel, but he also launches a Green Hornet series with Dynamite as well as continuing work on The Eisner winning writer spoke with ICV2 about what the year holds for him. He touched on the new Green Hornet series and the shocking ending to Daredevil #22 involving Foggy Nelson. Obviously if you haven’t read the newest Daredevil, here’s your spoiler warning.

The writer revealed that the Green Hornet project will be an ongoing series with the first arc being six issues. Waid had thought about doing a miniseries, but when he started working on it he didn’t want to stop. He revealed that we’ll pick up around 1941 when Britt Reid is well established as the Green Hornet. The series will explore the hubris of “what happens when he starts to believe his own press, and believe maybe a little too much in his own abilities.” Waid promises a more active role for Kato as well. Part of that role will be exploring racism around the time and Britt’s Green hornet 1more liberal views regarding his Japanese sidekick. The writer explains his Citizen Kane by way of Lawrence of Arabia tale:

Nicky [Barrucci] approached me at Baltimore this past year. I remembered my Green Hornet ideas and the thinking I’ve done on them since, so my pitch to Nicky was Citizen Kane by way of Lawrence of Arabia, if you will. I wanted to focus more on Britt Reid the charismatic, dogmatic activist newspaper publisher; and the Lawrence of Arabia angle is what happens when you are so good at what you do and so transformative a figure that you start to believe that perhaps you are somehow above the rest., somehow you are above the rabble and that you are somehow chosen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen hubris used to that degree in a superhero comic and that challenge excites me.

After talking about Thrillbent and having Walt Simonson join him for a Hulk arc that sees the brilliant scientist dealing with Frost Giants, Waid touched on the revelation in Daredevil #22. In an issue where Daredevil almost realizes the Superior Spider-Man isn’t really the Spider-Man he knew, the biggest twist came in the final page. Foggy Nelson revealed that he may have cancer. Waid explains how that development came about and how he will explore it in the coming months:

cancerThe American Cancer Society came to us at Marvel through Dan Buckley to some of the editors. They asked if we would be willing to do a story that would deal a little more realistically with cancer–not with cancer like a horrible scythe swinging down on the lives of our characters, but more as a hopeful survival story of cancer; what are the trials and tribulations on a real world basis that these characters go through. Foggy Nelson, who’s Matt Murdock’s partner, has been diagnosed and that’s going to give us nice dramatic thread to run with over the next few months in Daredevil.

We’ve got one character, Daredevil, who is basically a lifelong sufferer of depression dealing with partner who now has his own chronic condition and the bond between these two men is really tested. They really have nobody else to turn to except each other. I like the fact that it’s a story of friendship and brotherhood, but I also like the fact that we’re working very closely with the ACS to get it right; to talk very realistically and validly with great detail about something that is at once a grim topic but at the same time is also the kind of challenge that our superheroes don’t normally have to face.

You can read the entire interview with the writer by clicking here. I have to admit #22 blew me away. It will be interesting to see how Waid explores the Foggy/Matt relationship in the mist of his potential health issue. I think if anybody can handle it realistically and with sensitivity to not only the disease but the characters being used it’s Mark Waid. On a lighter note, his work on Green Hornet is easily one of the most anticipated new series this year. Waid sounds like he is bringing something new and fresh to the Green Hornet table. Hopefully he sticks around for a good long while. What do you think about his Green Hornet story description? Did the end of this month’s Daredevil surprise you as much as it did me?

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Source : ICV2