Mark Waid Says He Has Some Involvement With The DAREDEVIL Netflix Series


daredevil hulkHulk and Daredevil are two of the Marvel characters fans are talking a lot about nowadays. The Hulk is getting ready to face off against Ultron in Joss Whedon‘s Avengers sequel and Daredevil is preparing for his new Netflix series, which begins filming in just a few months. With the two heroes getting a lot of attention on the big and small screen, that means they’re getting more attention in the world of comics as well. Luckily enough, one man is writing the adventure of both of those Marvel heavyweights. That man happens to be the legendary Mark Waid. While appearing at the  Motor City Comic Con this weekend, Waid was asked what he knew about those Hulk movie rumors and whether or not he is involved with Matt Murdock‘s upcoming show. His answers will surprise you, but they’ll also make Daredevil fans pretty happy.

When asked by ComicBook.Com if the rumors about Marvel basing Hulk‘s long-rumored solo outing on his work, Waid said he has heard those rumors but there isn’t anything to them right now. Waid‘s run on Hulk has seen Bruce Banner become an employee of S.H.I.E.L.D. so he can gain access to their resources so he can invent things to change the world. The super secret organization also gets to use his green-skinned alter ego as a weapon. The theme has been “Banner builds, Hulk smashes.” The current run has seen Bruce take a bullet to the back of the head, turning him into a drooling moron. Those would be harder to adapt considering S.H.I.E.L.D. is no more, but Waid said of the possibility “There’s rumors, sadly that’s all I know. The thing about Marvel publishing, is that Marvel Studios has a hands-off approach with it — which is great. The Marvel films don’t dictate how the stories go in the comics, they realize that the tail shouldn’t wag the dog. But, Marvel publishing is sometimes the last people to know what they do in the movies.

When asked about the Netflix series for Daredevil that begins shooting in just a few months, Waid said he actually knew a little bit more about that one than what may or may not be going on in the movie world with Hulk. The writer stressed he didn’t want to overstated his role, but he revealed he will have some involvement with the series. He told the site, “It’s in good hands. I don’t want to overstate, but I’ve been asked to be involved on some level.” The writer’s comments could mean any number of things. He could just be a consultant, he could lend a hand with the scripts by providing notes and the like, or he could have a much larger role but he’s just being modest. Waid‘s run on Daredevil has completely reinvented the wheel and seen Matt Murdock taking in new and exciting directions (like San Francisco), so showrunner Drew Goddard would be wise to pick the writer’s brain about his critically and commercially acclaimed work. What do you think about Waid‘s comments?

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