Mark Ruffalo Doesn’t Think A PLANET HULK Film ‘Is The Way To Go Yet’


hulkFor almost two years now, there have been rumors claiming that when Marvel Studios finally gets around to making a new Hulk solo film it will be based on Planet Hulk. Director Joss Whedon shot those rumors down, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shot those rumors down, and Mark Ruffalo shot those rumors down. Even after all of that, the Planet Hulk talk pops up from time to time. When MTV got the chance to speak with Ruffalo, and they once again asked about those pesky rumors and whether the actor thinks Planet Hulk is the way to go for a solo outing for the Green Goliath. Turns out Ruffalo isn’t that keen on the idea.

When asked if he thought the fan-favorite storyline could be adapted into the Hulk‘s next film, Ruffalo said that’s not the direction the character needs to go in right now. He explained, “I don’t think [Planet Hulk] is the way to go yet. I think you need more Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators.” The actor does have a point. Even if Plane Hulk was reworked for slightly more Banner, it is still by and large a Hulk story. Ruffalo and Andy Serkis have created a new way for Hulk to be presented on film through digital effects, but doing nothing but that for an entire movie probably isn’t very appealing to Ruffalo.

A Hulk solo film is a safe bet, but it’s still probably a few years out. Ruffalo has been talking a lot about the Hulk/Banner relationship and how it is expanded in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so probably expect something along those lines, set on earth, for a solo outing. What do you think about the actor’s comments? Do you think Planet Hulk could make for a good live-action movie?



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Source : MTV