Mark Millar Very Briefly Talks X-Force


x-forceMark Millar is out and about promoting Kick-Ass 2 for all he’s worth, but a different comic book movie he’s involved with is getting asked about just as much as the newly released MillarWorld sequel. The comic book writer will be working with Jeff Wadlow once more on the recently announced X-Force film, which will explore a different corner of Fox‘s X-Men universe. While doing a social media interview with the folks at Total Film, Millar was asked about Wadlow and what he has in store with X-Force. The comic book scribe and Fox‘s Marvel movie consultant couldn’t say much about the film right now but he did drop a new little teaser.

Jeff Wadlow‘s work on Kick-Ass 2 pleased Millar so much that he was eager to jump into another project with the director. Wadlow pitched Millar an X-Force film out of the blue for the most part, and Fox‘s new consultant used his role to tell them how great an idea it was and how they really needed to snatch the director up before someone else did. Millar talks about what makes the director such a great choice for X-Force:

Just that he’d made a great film. Jeff made a really entertaining film with Kick-Ass 2, I was really happy. And he had a difficult film to follow because expectations were high.

He had a really tough gig – it’s not like coming in and doing Green Lantern 2 or something but he did a really good job on it and I said to the guys on X-Force: ‘get him while he’s relatively cheap.’ Because after this summer, everybody’s going to want him.

While Millar reiterates a lot he has said in previous interviews, he did say something new when dodging the question of what X-Force team we’ll see in the film. He was asked if we’ll see the more “wet works” version of the team like in Rick Remender‘s run of Uncanny X-Force:

That’s classified information, I’m afraid, but I know it will be the right version and it’s very true to the comics.

While Millar avoided the question for now only saying the writer/director has “got a cool take on it,” Wadlow has talked about his love for Remender‘s run on the series numerous times. I’d say right now it sort of sounds like we might just see some take or variation of that run with a 5 member team. Deadpool and Cable are probably safe bets when it comes to the team’s roster, so that leaves three mystery characters. You can read the full interview with Mark Millar about Kick-Ass 2 and how WB/DC are wise to do Batman vs. Superman instead of a Justice League movie next by clicking here. What do you think about all the recent X-Force talk? Any hopes when it comes to the roster?

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Source : Total Film