Marc Webb Teases The Daily Bugle, Spider-Man’s Quips, And More


spider-man bannerThe final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have debuted yesterday, but we’re still going to be getting plenty more clips and TV spots in the run up to the film’s May release. The other night the first 30-minutes of the sequel was screened during a special presentation for select media outlets followed by a special Q&A with director Marc Webb. During that special Q&A, Webb touched on a few things we’ve heard before along with some interesting teasers about The Daily Bugle and how Spider-Man will have more one-liners and quips this time around.

When asked about incorporating elements in the sequel he didn’t get a chance to do in the first film, specifically Norman Osborn and The Daily Bugle, Webb said it wasn’t that they didn’t have the time it’s just that they’re playing a longer game with the planned trilogy. The Bugle has been at the forefront of the viral marketing, so it seems like a safe bet that we will see the distinguished newspaper and possibly even it’s editor, J. Jonah Jameson, before the credits roll on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via SHH):

Yeah, we’re developing the Daily Bugle. Obviously, you’re going to get a little hint of Norman Osborn in this film. The Daily Bugle is part of it. The big thing that I wanted to nail this time was the suit, you know? I wanted to return to the iconography that we knew from the comic books and the Daily Bugle is an emerging force to be reckoned with. That’s one of the fun things about delving into a universe like this. You can take more time with these things. We really did think about this in a longer format. As far as things like the Daily Bugle and Norman Osborn’s story, we were very selective about how to tease that out.

spider-manWhile The Daily Bugle was noticeably, another thing that didn’t get quite the attention it deserved was Spider-Man‘s famous quips during battle against his massive rogues gallery. There was humor in the first film, but it was largely a darker and grittier affair than we’re used to seeing. That will change in the sequel. Webb says that he assembled a team of comedians, who he won’t name just yet, to work on Spider-Man‘s jokes:

That’s one of the iconic parts of the character that we chose to embrace. Even in the first movie, there’s that scene in the parking lot. Something fundamental about Spider-Man, as you guys know, is his wit and his quips, but it’s also part of his character. It’s how he provokes villains, particularly. It’s how he puts them on their heels and I think that, with Rhino, it’s particularly convenient because he’s such a dumb villain that he can provoke in that way. We always try to think about it in the nature of the scene and the nature of the character. That’s where the comedy emerges. We did something that sometimes big comedy movies do, which is to get a roundtable of comedians and just have them spit jokes out. We’d use that and try them out with Andrew and see what worked. We would have, in the beginning of the process, some of the best comedians. It’s sort of a private thing that you can’t really tell who’s in it, but these are amazing, really brilliant comedians and many of them are comic book fans. The come in and help us with coming up with jokes and one-liners and quips that are part of Spider-Man’s universe.

With all the upcoming spinoffs and new new characters that will be introduced in the upcoming films, the question was raised whether or not we may see a “female spider person” was raised. I would imagine that was a hint toward  one of the ladies who have used the name Spider-Woman or maybe even Madame Web, but it’s hard to tell. Regardless, Webb says that’s not something he has thought about much. He shoots that down, saying “Spider person? Anything is possible, but that hasn’t been on my mind. It’s an interesting idea.” So while we may not get any new females outside of Mary Jane or Black Cat, we can expect more quips and a bigger Daily Bugle presence. What do you think about the director’s comments?

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Source : via SuperHeroHype