Marc Webb Talks Amazing Spider-Man 2 And Confirms Electro


Yesterday we learned that Electro was going to be one of the villains, if not the main villain, for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man sequel. We also heard that Jamie Foxx could be playing the electric baddie. Now Marc Webb has weighed in on the issue as well as talking a little bit more about the sequel starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Speaking with Collider, Webb touched on the Electro issue by saying “I think Electro is an incredibly visual, exciting, dangerous villain.  There is a lot of appealing stuff that is going to happen as the world emerges.” Adding to the Jamie Foxx part of the story, Fandango got a word with the director shortly after the story broke. He gave a very political, but interesting answer- “Look, Jamie Foxx is a genius actor, and I think he’s electrifying. That’s my standard quote right now.” The emphasis is mine. What a tease Marc Webb is!

Webb went on to tell Collider that the script for the sequel is done and that he feels very good about it. He talked a little about the sequel and what he wishes to explore with Peter’s parents:

[The story with the parents] is the long shadow that’s cast over the three films. I want these films to have a serialized component, and there’s a slow burn to that. I need to leave some juice for the second movie. That was one of the more exciting things about creating Spider-Man, was that I could create more than one and there was a serialized component to it.

Marc WebbOscorp was a setting for the first movie, and we got some teases about what type of place it truly is. Webb spoke on the importance of Oscorp in the Spidey mythos for him:

When I was thinking about the universe as a whole—and I talked about this with [screenwriter] Jamie Vanderbilt way back in the day—that all crazy stuff in this universe emerges from Oscorp. Oscorp predates Spider-Man and Peter Parker. His parents were involved in some way. And Oscorp represents… The building itself, there was something iconic about it. To me it’s like the Tower of Babel, which is this testament to man’s hubris. Peter’s relationship will evolve with it over time. That was really one of the central components, one of the pieces that tied all these stories together, this relationship with Oscorp.

You can check out the rest of Collider’s interview with the director by clicking here. So I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. With Foxx tweeting about his Halloween costume and Webb’s remarks, I’d also say it’s a pretty safe bet that Foxx is the top choice for the villain.
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The sequel seems to be shaping up nicely, so hopefully it can make up for some of the shortcomings of the first one. What do you think about all the Electro and Oscorp talk?

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Source : Collider