Marc Guggenheim Says “Never Say Never” On Green Lantern Appearing In Arrow


GreenLanternGreenArrowArrow is gearing up for its big season finale, and looking to go into their season hiatus with a bang. The show has done an amazing job so far of teasing various DC characters and landmarks. They look to continue that trend as they head towards the season finale by having an island flashback scene where Oliver will try and prevent Fyers from shooting down a Ferris Air jetliner. That’s right, the same Ferris Air that is featured in the Green Lantern comics.

In the comics, Green Arrow and Green Lantern  have spent quite a bit of time together back during the 70s thanks to Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neil. Writer for the show, Ben Sokolowski, pitched the idea to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim who said it really spoke to him because of his work on the Green Lantern movie that featured Ryan Reynolds. “If all goes according to plan, when you see the Ferris Air logo later in the season, it will be the same logo that we established in the movie,” he said.

What about a possible appearance from the cosmic space cop himself, or his Ferris Air CEO girlfriend Carol? While it’s highly unlikely, Guggenheim isn’t ruling it out saying, “I would never say never. It’s certainly something that we’ve talked about.” However, they have some issues with bringing in a character such as Green Lantern, because they need to make sure he fits into Arrow’s more reality based tone. Having said that Guggenheim explains, “But when you consider the importance that Hal Jordan plays in the Green Arrow comics, it’s certainly one of those names that we’ve discussed a great deal.” He even went as far as saying he does still have Ryan Reynolds phone number.

While it seems unlikely that we will ever see a Green Lantern cameo, it is nice to know that Arrow cares enough about fans to try and work things like this into the show. For the latest on all things Arrow, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : TV Guide