Marc Andreyko On Taking Over Batwoman And What He’ll Do Differently


batwomanWe all know about the less than agreeable circumstances that led to J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman leaving Batwoman a few weeks ago.The creative team said that repeated last minute editorial interference on previously approved stories made them decide they had to part ways. There’s been a lot of controversy online in the days since Blackman and Williams‘ blog post, but the comic book has to keep rolling on. It was announced by Dan Didio that Marc Andreyko would be the series’ new writer. Andreyko recently spoke with Comic Book Resources about the circumstances surrounding his hiring and what he wants to bring to the series.

Regardless of who the new Batwoman writer would be, a section of fandom wouldn’t be happy no matter what. When such a controversial departure happens, it seems to make the new writer an automatic villain. Andreyko is a fantastic writer so he dodged a lot of negativity for the most part. The scribe talks about the position he found himself in:

The circumstances could be more pleasant. You never want to take over a book when people leave on not the best terms, but the character is so rich and I’m such a huge fan of everything Greg [Rucka] and Haden and J.H. — especially J.H. — have done on that book, that I’m not going in to rearrange everything and say, ‘Everything that went on before is bad. I’m going to fix it.’ I want to do right by the character, and the character that they have done… I’ve got to say, the reaction on the Internet — I expected to be vilified, and drawn and quartered, and I’ve only been called ‘gay Uncle Tom’ by about three websites, so statistically, I’m ahead of the game. Statistically, the Internet’s been great to me.

Batwoman #17 coverThe “gay Uncle Tom” comment came about from those three vile websites because Andreyko is a gay man himself and those outlets saw him coming into a title that had a perceived “gay wedding” controversy hypocritical. Andreyko said he would never write for anyone he saw as homophobic and he doesn’t see DC having a problem with Batwoman being homosexual.

The writer also revealed he would like to bring some lightness and humor to the book. He won’t be reinvinting the Batwoman wheel, but he will be bringing her more closely into the Bat Family and Gotham City. In fact his first issue is a Zero Year tie-in.

I’d like to see a bit more lightness in the book. I think the book has been a very heavy, very serious book almost since its inception. I don’t want any “Bwa-ha-ha” “Justice League International” comedy in it, but I would certainly like to see some moments where people crack a smile and people are having moments of fun or moments of enjoyment. I think you run the risk of — Gotham City is such a dark place to begin with that if there aren’t moments of lightness, the darkness can be really overwhelming. The perfect example of that is Batcow. Batcow is amazingly funny and ridiculous and great, but doesn’t take away from the serious of Batman and provides a great release of stress and pressure that I think is necessary. If you don’t have moments of lightness, the moments of darkness become white noise. Vice-versa, great tragedy also has great moments of comedy in it. There’s a counterpoint to make you appreciate the extremes.

You can read the full interview with Marc Andreyko by clicking here. While it is sad to see Williams and Blackman leaving without seeing their plans fully realized, Andreyko is a fantastic writer who should bring something new to the series. What do you think about Andreyko taking over? Do you like the fact he wants to inject some lightness into the story?

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Source : ComicBookResources