Man Of Steel News: Henry Cavill On Getting In Shape For The Suit And Deborah Snyder On Possible DVD Extras


henry cavill bannerThis week is definitely going to be Man of Steel week. The most highly-anticipated movie of the summer will finally land in theaters as Zack Snyder and company finally show off the movie they’ve been teasing for months. As we race towards the finish line, we’re going to get a few more interviews and bits of info. Henry Cavill and Deboarah Snyder kick off the final week of press with some new quotes.

Henry Cavill featured in today’s USA Weekend’s Men’s Health Special Report issue. The new Superman spoke about being picked on as a child for being overweight and how he got in shape for Man of Steel. In Immortals he had a physique that would give the cast a 300 a run for their money, but his next film, Cold Light of Day, called for him to be a little less cut. He had to hit the gym hard to get in Superman shape:

You’re looking at yourself going: ‘This is not going to work. I’m not going to get this job.’I wasn’t in terrible shape, but I didn’t look good in Lycra. Thankfully Zack had an idea of what I could look like. It was a big responsibility. It was very important to represent the character’s physicality in the right way. I was living and breathing Superman. I just wanted to do this right…There are a couple of shots of me that I think, ‘My goodness. I was definitely a large chap.’

To get into superhuman shape, Cavill worked with 300 trainer Mark Twight. When he first started his workout regime, Twight gave Cavill a test by offering him a shortcut:

Then he [Twight] asked, ‘Would you like to use steroids or HGH (human growth hormone) to get to where you want to go?’ I immediately said no. And he said, ‘Good. Because if you did, I wouldn’t train you.’ To take a shortcut to get to that place is not what Superman represents. That was important to me. That’s when I learned what work was. [When I put on the suit] I turned around and it’s a moment I really won’t forget. I was aware it was me — that was the exciting part — but I also saw Superman.

Cavill says he has lost some of his Superman weight, but he is more than ready to step up his gym time if WB calls on him for the next film. He doesn’t know if it will be a sequel or a Justice League movie just yet, but he said he’s willing and ready.

deborahDeborah Snyder, who produced Man of Steel with her husband Zack, recently teased some possible DVD features we might see in the eventual release. The gap between a movie leaving theaters and hitting store shelves is getting smaller and smaller all the time. Snyder says she and her husband are already hard at work on the release and have some ideas of what will be included. She revealed to Collider that there was only really one scene they had to cut from the film, so it won’t be choked full of extra or deleted scenes. She did give some ideas on what will actually be on the disc though:

The theatrical cut is the cut that Zack wants out there and I think our feeling was the scene that was deleted didn’t really work so that’s why it’s not in the movie, although what I will say is we’re planning some really nice – Zack does love, and because it’s about world building and visual effects we have so much amazing art work, and I think we’re going to see not only Zack participate in the director walk-ins, but maybe some other special guests joining him this time to elaborate on the filmmaking process. It’s still being worked out who’s going to participate and everything, I’m not just being cheeky about it, but I think that to us is really interesting. I don’t know, it interests us and I think a lot of people out there like seeing breaking it down how are the scenes created and how did it go from the art work to the storyboards to what you see. So I think there’s going to be a lot of that.

I’m sure pre-orders for the DVD/Blu-ray will start in the next couple of weeks, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground to see what it will entail. You can read the entire interview with Snyder by clicking here. So the DVD is being worked on and we’re sure to hear more details soon. Henry Cavill sounds like he’s a true Superman on and off screen too. He didn’t take any shortcuts and didn’t even want some CGI or makeup to help pull off an even buffer look. He borrowed a page from Hugh Jackman‘s book as you can see from the banner above. What do you think about Cavill‘s workout ethic? Do you think he looks like a true Man of Steel?

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