Malekith In The Middle: New Thor Clip Shows Our Villain Waking Up And Alan Taylor Talks History


malekith bannerWe are now about 3 weeks away from Thor: The Dark World thundering into theaters. The promotion machine is running at full power and we’re getting new trailer, snippets of footage, and even full clips. Today some new footage and pics have hit, and it’s all about Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston). IGN released the second official clip from the Alan Taylor directed film. We get to see the mighty Malekith awaken from his long slumber. The Dark Elves are coming out of hibernation, and it’s time to cause a little trouble.

Before we get to the clips, take a look at what the director had to say to about how he approached the mythology of The Dark World and how they went about presenting their villain:

I was going to be a history professor before I sold out and went into TV. And Thor, even though he’s a Marvel character, is also obviously deeply rooted in Norse mythology…and I just love drawing on past cultures. That’s a thrill to me. I saw ‘[Marvel’s The] Avengers’ and loved the ‘balance to tones’ that Marvel does. [Marvel films] can make you care, and then make you laugh at what just happened, and then–just when you think, ‘This is ridiculous!’–they let you know it’s ridiculous. And that’s a wonderful dance that they do.

[Malekith’s] mission became grander and grander, and we sort of invented a time scale for where he’s been [and] what his back story is to make it big enough for Thor. You’ve got Thor and Loki, and you’ve got Algrim and Malekith, so you have some chance for an intimate connection.

Tony Curran (Doctor Who‘s Van Gogh) recently announced on his Twitter that he would be playing Bohr, father of Odin in some flashback sequences for the film. The Asgardian architect will be the first in Thor‘s family to face off against the villain. It seems our Dark Elf leader will be playing a very long game in the movie.

Finally, Malekith is glimpsed twice in a new TV spot for the film. We get the villain caught up in some of the red, swirling mists spotted in several of the other trailers. He also punches Thor‘s hammer in a quick cut of a fight scene. The final bit of Malekith is a large wallpaper released by Skype ahead of their big Thor: The Dark World chat with the cast and crew. You can click the pic to see it much larger. Notice the detail that went into the scarred side of Malekith‘s face. What do you think about the latest batch of Malekith-centric news?


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