Mahmud Asrar Gets Ready For Summer School With WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN


xmenMarvel faked everyone out for a few days when Jason Aaron announced that he would be leaving Wolverine & The X-Men. Many thought the series would end with the departure of its creator, but a few days later the publisher announced that it would be continuing on with new writer Jason Latour and artist Mahmud Asrar. While Aaron will be bringing the latest semester at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to a close, Latour and Asrar will be making some of the students stay for summer school. The summer session kicks off in Wolverine & The X-Men #1 in March. The incoming artist recently opened up his sketchbook to Newsarama while talking about his new gig.

Asrar just signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, a pretty rare thing in today’s comic world. That means Asrar will be sticking around for a good, long while. He says that part of the thing that drew him to Marvel and to this newly relaunched series was Wolverine. All of the characters are fun for the artist to draw, but the little Canadian berserker has a special place in his heart. Asrar talked a little about the new direction in which he and Latour would be taking the series:

When it comes to superhero books what I want to do always is have some genuine fun and deep character moments so the reader feels a connection to the characters while being entertained. I can safely say we’re bringing that to this book. Jason is as good with the keyboard as he is with his pencil so I can safely say there’ll be a lot of fun.
We have some huge players in our team in the form of Quentin and Evan. So we’ll see some important things relating to them. Also Wolverine is not going through the best time in his life which means there’s even more pressure on him than you can imagine. Maybe more than he can bear, which in turn affects the role of Storm and the other school staff.
We’re also bringing into play a new villain which I simply can’t wait to draw. Not to mention the other antagonists we have lined up.

Along with different characters getting the spotlight, Asrar says that we can expect to see some of the students running around and getting into trouble in some brand new X-Men uniforms instead of their standard issue school uniforms. The artist says the decision makes sense considering “You don’t go swimming with your casual daily wear – You put on some swimwear. So that’s what we intend to do. It’ll be a type of X-Men uniform for the kids that are more suitable for field duty.” You can read more from the artist about his exclusive deal with Marvel and Wolverine & The X-Men at the source link below. What do you think about Asrar‘s character sketches? Will you be enrolling in summer classes this March?






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Source : Newsarama