Magneto Revealed As JFK’s Murderer In New DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Viral Video


xmen-days-images-3When Days of Future Past first started production, it was rumored that they would try to incorporate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. As time passed, however, it looked as though that concept was brushed aside in order to concentrate more on the famed comic story line. That all changed this afternoon when a new viral site was revealed by The Nerdist (via SlashFilm), as well as a new video that implicates Magneto in the famed assassination.

Not coincidentally, the video hits just days after the 50th anniversary of the historic day. Before Simon Kinberg officially joined the project, he laid out his plans for this very event.

I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto. That would explain the physics of it, and we see that he’s pissed off because Kennedy took all the credit for saving the world and mutants weren’t even mentioned.

Check out the video below and be sure to hop on over to to check out the entire set up. It’s not clear as to how pertinent this will be to the main story of Days of Future Past, if at all. One little tidbit the viral site mentions is the fate of Azazel, one of naughty mutants featured in X-Men: First Class. Sadly, I say that only because he provided some fantastic visual moment in the film, he was killed in a government operation.

“Indeed, mutant historians now call 1963 America’s “Summer of Hate.” Several mutants across the country were killed that year, including two members of Lensherr’s Brotherhood of Mutants. Azazel and Tempest were slain by Project: WideAwake operatives in July. Records state the mutant duo ambushed the operatives.”

That’s a damn shame. As you can see, Tempest (played by Zoe Kravitz) was also a victim of the operation. Make sure you take some time to check out the site, it’s highly elaborate and a great read. The film gathers a massive returning cast from both First Class as well as the original film franchise, as well as some newcomers like Peter Dinklage, BingBing Fan, Omar Sy and Booboo Stewart. Days of Future Past hits theaters next summer.

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