Lucas Till Talks Days Of Future Past And Reinventing Havok’s Powers

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tillDays of Future Past has been steadily climbing up a lot of people’s list for most anticipated movie of 2014. The Bryan Singer “inbetweenquel” got Hall H attendees excited at Comic-Con with the first look at the film, and the director’s Twitter teasers have been met positively most everyone else. While not all of the First Class crew will be coming back for the film that is supposed to be its sequel, Lucas Till was recently confirmed as being one of the few coming back. The actor who plays Alex Summers aka Havok, recently spoke with I Am Rogue about the film and his powers. He remained tight lipped about most everything, but he did reveal a few interesting pieces of info.

The actor started off by saying he felt very fortunate to be coming back considering a lot of his First Class co-stars didn’t make the cut. Till revealed that unless he gets called back  for reshoots, his part is done. When asked if he dived into the comic books for First Class and Days of Future Past, Till said that he did but he would have like to have read more:

On First Class there was a guy who’s job it was just to give us comics. So he gave me a thousand pages just of Havok. That is where I did most of my research. Ever since then I still read the comics but I don’t read as many as I should. I’m negligent with keeping up with comics lately because I’ve been all over the place. But now that I have some time I’m going to sit down and go through Havok’s books and some of my other favorite characters.

Part of his research caused him to want to rework the way Alex uses his powers in the upcoming film Till explained the reinvention when he was asked if he worked with Bryan Singer for the scenes he’s in:

I was in and out. We did a lot of second unit stuff. So I didn’t get to spend that much time with Bryan. But I loved working with him because he let me reinvent the way I do my power. It’s what I wanted to do on the last movie but because there are so many things working against you, you kind of just have to do what thehavoky provide for you with the pre-visualization because that is a lot more money than my paycheck. So I had to kind of corporate with what they had already done. But I wanted to do it differently and they let me on this one. Which is cool because I’m actually an X-Men fan. So getting to bring something into the movie and feeling like I was actually part of making this movie is one of the coolest feelings that I’ve ever had.

Till wouldn’t say who he worked with from the original X-Men cast, but he did give a few hints as to the context of that picture of him that Singer released last month. Havok was seen in uniform in an Army barracks. Till said if you think about the time period the “Past” part of Days of Future Past takes place in (60s/70s) and what war was going on, you’ll have a good idea what he’s doing.

James Marsden has already said he would not be reprising his role as Cyclops for the film, but Till wouldn’t say one way or the other. With everyone confirmed, the only X-Men fans are wanting to hear about are Cyclops, Kelsey Grammer Beast, and Alan Cumming‘s Nightcrawler. It really does seem like all three of those men will be left out though. You can read the full interview with Till by clicking here. What do you think about Havok dong his power a different way than we saw in First Class?


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Source : I AM ROGUE