Louis Leterrier Wanted Mark Ruffalo, Not Ed Norton for The Incredible Hulk


tumblr_me2encQqP21rqd2lso1_500We’ve now seen three different actors take on the Jade Giant in recent years. Fans could literally argue for hours on which of these three iterations was the best, as each of them has brought something completely different to the screen. Award-winning director Ang Lee brought in Eric Bana to portray the character in 2003’s The Hulk.  The film focused more on the drama side of things rather than the action, which was it’s downfall. At least in this geek’s eyes. In 2008, Marvel Studio’s released one of its first films in what was to become Phase 1 of their shared film universe. Louis Leterrier was charged with leading the film, which proved to be a much more acceptable take on the character, played by Ed Norton. Te film was a bit of a reboot, but still recognized the previous film and picked up where it left off. The film was heavy on the action while not forgetting the drama that is behind the tragic story of Bruce Banner. Last year, Joss Whedon brought on Mark Ruffalo to portray Dr. Banner and used motion capture to give us what most believe, the best Hulk to date.

Back to Louis Leterrier now, who is out promoting his latest film Now You See Me, which stars Mark Ruffalo. Leterrier talked with the Huffington Post about The Incredible Hulk and working with Marvel, as well as his opinion on Whedon’s take on the Hulk character. In the interview, he reveals that Ed Norton, who refused to come back for future films over creative differences, was not his first choice for the part of Banner. It was Mark Ruffalo he wanted to bring in.

When people are asking me, because Mark Ruffalo is in this one, who’s the better of the Bruce Banners — both are great; both are fantastic — but I actually wanted to cast Mark Ruffalo as Hulk and Marvel was like “No, you should get Edward Norton because he’s more famous.” So you see what I am saying? They are the ones who wanted Edward — and I was thrilled to meet him and work with him. I wanted Mark Ruffalo. And they were like, “No, no, he just does smart, intellectual movies.” Which makes sense, then and there in his career. But that’s how I know him. We’ve stayed in touch and it’s why he said “absolutely” when I offered him the part in this one.

A bit of interesting news there. I’m not sure if it was Marvel’s idea to bring Ruffalo in for Avengers or if that was Whedon that came up with the idea. Regardless, it was a great move to do so. One has to wonder if using Ruffalo in The Incredible Hulk would have changed the dynamic of the film or not. Ed Norton did a great job in the film and I was disappointed he didn’t come back for Avengers, but I’m not so sure his take on the Hulk and Banner would have worked with Joss Whedon’s vision. Would you rather have seen Ruffalo in The Incredible Hulk or do you feel Norton worked for that film?

On a side note, Leterrier also discussed his work on the Clash of the Titans remake he did, starring Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson. To sum it up, he agrees with the fans and said  “It was absolutely horrible, the 3D. Nothing was working, it was just a gimmick to steal money from the audience.” He went on to say that he essentially felt like he was thrown under the bus for the 3D conversion and that because of this disagreement, he opted not to return for the sequel.

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Source : Huffington Post