Looks Like Cassidy Alexa May Just Be ARROW’s Harley Quinn After All


harley quinnLast Wednesday’s episode of Arrow got a lot of people talking. The Promise was largely a flashback episode that showed us what drove Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) apart and led to their upcoming showdown in the present day. All of that was big, explosive, and action-packed, but it was the promo for the next episode that really got folks buzzing.

The 30-second preview for Suicide Squad featured a two second shot that set Twitter on fire. The shot, which you can see as this article’s banner, showed an A.R.G.U.S. prisoner sporting some blonde pigtails. Speculation began to stir that it just had to be Harley Quinn. She’s the most famous pigtailed character in the DC Universe and in New 52 continuity she’s a big part of the Suicide Squad. The search for answers began that night, and while there’s still no clear answer, here are some of the puzzle pieces out there as well as a tidbit I was able to obtain.

Yesterday ComicBook.Com asked Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim about that mysterious pigtailed prisoner and if the knee-jerk reaction about it being Ms. Quinn was correct. Of course the showrunner couldn’t give a straightforward answer just yet, but he didn’t deny it. He told the site:

This tickles me no end. I’ll tell you two things:
1) this is NOT the special announcement — that’s episode 219 and this is 216
2) to paraphrase Aaron Sorkin: “There’s gonna be an episode of Arrow. I’d watch.”

The second point, as the site goes on to point out, is a reference to an episode of The West Wing that dealt with the President’s medical condition and the death of a fan-favorite character. Whether that holds some hidden meaning or it’s just a nice quote remains to be seen.

harleyLate yesterday as fans started digging for answers, a post on Webster Talent‘s Facebook page Wednesday mentioned that people should be sure to tune in to the episode to see a quick glimpse of actress Cassidy Alexa in “a quirky role.” That of course led people to find Ms. Alexa‘s Twitter account. Her followers quickly ballooned from a hundred odd followers to over 600 as of the time of publication. The majority of Alexa‘s Tweets are actually retweets from new fans who are either wanting to know if she’s Harley or congratulating her on actually being Harley. She hasn’t answered any questions, but she’s happy feed into the speculative frenzy.

I reached out to Webster Talent to see if I could get a comment about the buzz. The agency is the premiere location for actors and actresses who land roles on Arrow and now Flash, iZombie, and Tribes. Head of Talent Andrew Webster told me:

Cassidy Alexa is getting a lot of heat surrounding her upcoming ‘cameo’ on Arrow. I’m in the dark as to what the producers have planned for her so we’ll have to find out. She’s a very exciting young actress to keep an eye on.
I’m blessed that CW does like to hire my clients. They’ve established a solid presence on the Hollywood North landscape and look to strengthen those ties with new shows, Flash, iZombie and Tribes, which could be a worthy successor to Supernatural.”

I in no way want to put words in Mr. Webster‘s mouth, but I find it interesting cameo is in quotes. If the promo is the extent of Alexa‘s appearance, then that would explain it. But then again, as with everything in Arrow, small details could come back in a big way. The plot thicken and we’ll have to wait until March 19th to see if all the hype lives up to the reality of the situation. What we know for sure is that Cassidy Alexa is indeed the pigtailed A.R.G.U.S. inmate, now it’s just figuring out WHO she is. While there’s no smoking gun just yet, I feel pretty confidant that we might actually be seeing Harley Quinn even if it’s just a fleeting glimpse. This would be the second live-action Harley we’ve seen. Mia Sara starred in the 2002 Birds of Prey series, though Sherilyn Fenn did play Harley in the unaired pilot (add her to the official list if you wish). This would be a big ‘get’ for Arrow considering Fox now holds the Gotham rights. What do you think?

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